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  • Posted to Eco-friendly crypto-market for NFT creators and collectors, Jun 01, 2021

    We have now launched phase one of three. Environmental impact is extremely important to us, so when we witnessed the large adoption of NFT's, we found the impact to be quite a concern. We then decided to build our product on on-flow blockchain; 1000x more eco-friendly than the current ETH environment.

    As a brand we are focused on limiting the pool of artists with invite-only to also keep our footprint low and our quality even higher.

    We are excited to contribute to the crypto-art community in a positive and healthy way.

    Vote us UP! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/happyplace

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  • Posted to Love this! Exploring game design in Sketch, Mar 29, 2017

    Found this jam a while ago, and loved the whole website, and specifically enjoyed this gaming inspired tutorial

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  • Posted to The new iPhone 6 (template) - one day early!, in reply to Andy Leverenz , Sep 09, 2014

    You should think about your words before posting. Some people might have a family member or a friend who is actually mentally challenged "retarded". Your careless slur could infuriate someone, Just a heads up, because you might slip one day in public and get the shit beat out of you.

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  • Posted to UI8 Master Bundle - 50% off our full collection!, in reply to Diego Lafuente , Jul 02, 2014


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