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  • Posted to Ask DN: How are you saving for web?, May 16, 2016

    Most of the time:

    JPEGS: Save for Web qual 100 > JPEG Mini > ImageOptim

    PNGS: Save for Web > Image Alpha > ImageOptim

    On the stuff that I really need to squeeze every last byte out of, I save PNGs so I have a lossless file to fall back to, then use ImageMagick to compress to taste:

    convert -strip -interlace Plane -sampling-factor 4:2:0 -define jpeg:dct-method=float -quality 85% source.png result.jpg

    I just tweak that quality number until it looks as crappy as I can deal with.

    Notably, I change the sampling factor to dump the chroma resolution, which is harder to notice. Saves loads of space and is very hard to notice with retina assets. I also use a more power-intensive calculation method that usually looks a little better, lose the -define jpeg:dct-method=float bit for more speed.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Because designers should code, what are all the tools you use to develop websites? , Oct 06, 2015

    Vim. Just vim.

    Okay, also Photoshop.

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  • Posted to AskDN: Experience with part-time Web Dev course?, Apr 23, 2015

    Back in college I decided I wanted to focus on web dev, so I bought a code school subscription. I was in a web design class, so I tried to learn as much as I could through code school and google to take all my projects to the next level. Now I do it for a living!

    Courses alone won't do it for you—whether you use a course or google or whatever, if you dedicate enough time to it, you'll get good at it.

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  • Posted to LayerVault is ., Apr 17, 2015

    Huh. Wasn't it supposed to be gone 4/11? I was just able to make a new account, and I don't see any sort of "hey just FYI we're technically dead."

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  • Posted to Should InVision purchase Layervault?, Apr 16, 2015

    This would make one hell of a service. InVision certainly does a lot now, but being able to roll back to old versions would make it perfect. Plus all the other cool shit Layervault had going for it.

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  • Posted to Should InVision purchase Layervault?, in reply to Sherizan Sheikh , Apr 16, 2015

    It's got a lot, but I don't think you can recover old versions, can you?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you track your time?, Nov 03, 2014

    Todoist + IFTTT + Google Calendar.

    Whenever I complete a job in Todoist, IFTTT makes a google calendar event for me, then I can infer how long whatever I did took me.

    All I really need to be doing is making sure that everything I work on in the week gets billed within maybe a half hour.

    For the past few years I've been relying on memory and my flagged/sent email folders, but when that failed, a lot of things didn't get recorded.

    As a developer, I hop around a lot, usually because people are coming to my desk and asking me to fix THEIR ISSUE RIGHT NOW, whereas new jobs are submitted to me via email and I can keep a good record of them. These verbal jobs tend to fall to the wayside, especially when I'm slammed on another project and I have 2% bandwidth for this new thing.

    Incentive to put things into a list -> instant time tracking.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are you using Yosemite?, Jul 07, 2014

    I've got it on my personal macbook air, but not my mbp at work. I installed it day 1 and haven't had any egregious problems with it except for mail crashing regularly—the only grievance of my coworker who IS running it on his work machine.

    There were a couple little hiccups with things like brew when it first came out because of the ruby version, but all of that seems to be fixed now, so I'll probably put Yosemite on my work machine after maybe more version.

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  • Posted to Dress Code at the Office?, Jul 07, 2014

    My office is like a walking j crew catalog. People wear the same thing so often, we have a running 'twinsies' joke on the company blog.

    Our Unofficial Uniform:

    J Crew button down (preferably plaid)

    Levi's 511s

    Converse preferably Jack Purcells

    That said, the further away you are from client contact, the less dressed up people are. T-Shirts and flip-flops seem to be the bottom end of the spectrum, though one of our partners is known to walk around barefoot.

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