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  • Posted to How much RAM do we need for design?, Nov 15, 2019


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  • Posted to Check out my illustration work for this medium article about "How to Start a Church", any feedback? , Oct 03, 2019

    I have no desire to talk about religion here but holy moly there's a lot that goes into setting one of those things up...

    One point around the header image - I think more could have been done to illustrate what's being discussed in the article - Could you have done more of an exploded-view, like Apple would do on their latest iDevice? Or like a Haynes manual?

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  • Posted to Is Photography Dying?, Jul 10, 2019

    "Looks like it's time to close the shutter on this favourite past-time"

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  • Posted to Is Photography Dying?, Jul 10, 2019

    "Photography, gone in a flash?"

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  • Posted to Is Photography Dying?, Jul 10, 2019

    Interesting story. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

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  • Posted to Don’t get clever with login forms, Feb 19, 2019

    Most of these points are Brad complaining that he can't use his 1Password to fill in forms properly - I feel like it has very little to do with improving a users' experience and just fitting in with what he deems convenient.

    Magic links are no where near as complex as he's stated here - there's no copy and pasting of passwords.. it's a magic link. You tap on it, it logs you straight back into the app that sent you to your inbox. It's also a fantastic way to validate email addresses.

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  • Posted to Captain Marvel's website is a technological wonder, in reply to Perttu Talasniemi , Feb 11, 2019

    Not sure he'll find a source or that what he's said is in fact, a fact - "Marvel software engineer Lori Lombert said "We built this in FrontPage and host it Angelfire". Looks like Marvel paid themselves ten thousands dollars.

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  • Posted to React Native Examples, Oct 31, 2018

    I'm sure there is some irony in this link not working?

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, Oct 26, 2018

    We use Sketch combined with some other products.

    Sketch + Invision for prototyping Sketch + Abstract for versioning Sketch + Zeplin for engineers

    With much time and effort invested in our design ecosystem, including various libraries, I can't see our team shifting away from Sketch for quite some time. The use of all these tools sometimes feels excessive, but I quite like have dedicated products for specific functions.

    For Figma, there's something stopping me from feeling comfortable about using it, I'm not sure what or why. As for XD. Absolutely no chance. Cut the ties with Adobe years ago, will not go back to their crazy subscriptions and feature-creep-susceptible products.

    Side note: Invision Studio - used once or twice, felt unbelievably laggy and buggy, attempting to do far too many things - wondered how on earth some of these designers are able to release videos of themselves building prototypes, but then realise they've been paid for doing so and have spent hours laboriously working through it. Too slow in the real world. And Framer X? Put off by code, don't have the spare time to learn how to effectively use it (I know, flogging a dead horse).

    Sketch landed on my doorstep in beta form when I was at Uni back in 2011. The ease and speed of learning how it works has enabled me to grow as a designer quicker than illustrator or photoshop ever could. The community, plugins and support has been a massive bonus.

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