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  • Posted to SHOW DN: How could I Improve this Enterprise App UI Design? , Dec 31, 2019

    Hard to give good feedback, because we don't know what the software is trying to accomplish. Enterprise is all about form following function.

    • It's clean visually, but as others have said the angle makes it hard to critique
    • Contrast is not accessible in the nav and possibly other areas
    • Consider a humanist sans (Roboto, Open Sans etc) typeface, which is more readable than geometric sans.
    • Use real titles, esp in your main nav. Long words won't fit there
    • A lot of vertical space is used on the right for whatever is in light gray. Technical users typically prefer compact UIs
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  • Posted to Any research or case study for dark mode UI?, Apr 16, 2019

    It is not as accessible for some sight-impaired individuals.

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  • Posted to Portfolio Decks: Yay or Nay?, Apr 02, 2019

    Yes. I did an email deck and an in-person deck. I don't have time to code up a new portfolio site (though I've had one in-progress for like 6 months). Downside is less visibility. You are depending on active recruiting to get your deck in front of the right people. A deck is also slightly higher friction for the hiring manager to go through. (Protip: short link or domain that redirects to your deck link)

    You will likely still need to do a design challenge.

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  • Posted to WTF is JAMstack?, in reply to Pedro Duarte , Feb 08, 2019

    Do you work for Netlify per chance?

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  • Posted to Which monitor do you have?, Jan 08, 2019

    HP Z27 4K is a fantastic monitor. Just got one, alongside my old Displayport Cinema display. I'm probably going to replace the Cinema display with another Z27.

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  • Posted to 274 Vector Solid Icons for free, in reply to István Kolozsi , Oct 17, 2018

    That was a joke

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  • Posted to 274 Vector Solid Icons for free, Oct 16, 2018

    What is this "digg" thing?

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  • Posted to What do you use to develop animated elements for your websites? (CSS-only, Adobe Animate, Bodymovin'?), Oct 15, 2018

    Hype is pretty great for what you're describing as complex animations.

    Transitions between pages is a different beast. The CSS is straightforward, but the javascript is very framework dependent. This is a good overview of the challenge and the options out there for static content.

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  • Posted to Are design sprints sustainable at your company? , Sep 29, 2018

    It's great that you got one done in your company!

    Sprints are for solving big problems, not for run of the mill feature work. I don't think there's any company that operates regularly on that schedule. We've run 20+ sprints with different teams in our company over the past 1.5 years. No two sprints are the same, and we almost never use the entire GV playbook. Rather, we tailor exercises from GV, IDEO, and Luma to fit the needs of the problem we're trying to solve and the design maturity of the product team.

    The point of sprints and "design thinking" in general is to get product teams out of the Gartner magic quadrant / feature-train mindset, and instead to approach the challenge from a problem-first perspective.

    The important thing is to use sprints as another tool that you can pull at the right time to solve the right kind of problems. They aren't a substitute for long-term discovery/research projects, design iteration, data science, or usability testing.

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  • Posted to Design Tools: When do we get stateful components?, Sep 20, 2018

    UXPin is doing some interesting work here. Then there's the old standby – Axure, which has had this for years.

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