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  • Posted to Is it possible to detach from your personal taste?, Nov 26, 2018

    If we dig deeper into personal taste - wouldn't that be a culmination of user insights, learnings experienced, industry best practice, and own aesthetic? If so, why aim to detach?

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  • Posted to How we made boring form-filling more fun, Jul 05, 2018

    A thumbs up emoji to using an emoji slider to express level of satisfaction/agreement without having to use words.

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  • Posted to Laws of UX, Jan 16, 2018

    Whoa! This is great! Thanks Jon!

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  • Posted to Impossible Foods: The Impossible Burger, Nov 30, 2017

    The website made me hungry. It works!

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  • Posted to 16 tools and resources for improving online accessibility, Nov 15, 2017

    Agreed, there are good enough, low-cost solutions to improving online accessibility that even the reason of lack of resources sounds more like an excuse.

    Doing something about accessibility is better than nothing.

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  • Posted to A brief guide to web vs native apps: What are the pros and cons?, Sep 11, 2017

    This article was meant to highlight/summarise a discussion - and as with most discussions, people have varying "weights" of opinions. Saying that a discussion is shallow is akin to saying "my opinions are better than yours." Please be nice.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you design for inclusivity in 2017?, Aug 31, 2017

    Empathy plays a big role when designing for inclusivity. Also, diversity (gender, race, etc) in teams help ensure we design for people with different perspectives.

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  • Posted to What examples have you seen of good user interactions with mobile?, Aug 09, 2017

    We had discussion on Twitter about user interactions with mobile devices, summarised in this article. Would love to hear your thoughts on the questions

    What examples have you seen of good user interactions with mobile? What are the oddest interactions you’ve seen between a user and a mobile device? What trends are emerging with mobile interactions?

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  • Posted to 100 Questions Designers Always Ask, Aug 07, 2017

    Thanks for sharing, Jon! Would also be nice to see the questions in certain contexts / categories (business, UI, usability, etc.)

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