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  • Posted to Designing component types that work well together, May 06, 2022

    Interesting approach to also turn Headings into blocks/groups. The blogpost seems a bit to short though to really learn something. You wrote this? It's on purpose to keep this really short?

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  • Posted to How To Combine Colors In Your Design, Feb 06, 2022

    "Orange is often associated with cheap prices (think Walmart) or modern technology (think Apple)"

    Where did you get this form? Don't remember apple using orange.

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  • Posted to How To Use Best Typography In Design, Feb 03, 2022

    Thanks for sharing this content. Small tip. Subchapter titles instead of #, and images that explain your content, will really improve your article. Right now it's a bit dull to read.

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  • Posted to Powerful Plugin to Supercharge Your Figma | Automate all your boring design tasks!, Feb 03, 2022

    Nice video, however I'm missing the information on how to create your own automation? But you need to know JSON for this?

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  • Posted to You Become What You Write About, Feb 03, 2022

    Interesting intodruction. I always switched between digital note-taking and on-paper note-taking. I never found a way to structure notes in a physical book. I now have 10 differently looking notebooks all half-filled with 10 kinds of subjects. How you do that?

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  • Posted to Top 20 Web design trends in 2022, Dec 26, 2021

    Some questions/remarks about this first paragraph:

    "The use of contrasting colors can always do wonders for your website. Most website developers have adopted this strategy to attract significant customers. The combination of a light or a nude shade paired with a darker one helps in increasing the aesthetics of your website. After all, your website is not just for selling goods and services; they need to look good too.

    Website developers have also considered following a black and white website layout that adds a vintage touch to the website, thereby attracting sufficient customers. Adding a grainy touch to your background can also help you reflect the colors better."

    1. Developers picking colors? Is that not a little outdated in 2022 for developers to design as well?

    2. Black and white adds a touch of vintage? Where did you get this from? Black and white gives a very modern feel to a page. Black and white don't achieve a vintage look.

    3. Combining light + nude shade does not increase the aesthetic of a website. Take this website for example, would adding a light/nude shade make it more appealing? Of would turning the blue header bar black make it suddenly vintage?

    4. A grainy touch would help reflect colors better? Where did you get this from?

    5. How will a vintage touch attract more customers? Are you saying every website should be vintage if you want to. attract more customers?

    Disinformation like this is considered fake news as well. Educating new designers like this is not the way to go.

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  • Posted to Top 20 Web design trends in 2022, Dec 26, 2021

    Blogposts like these require images I think.

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  • Posted to The Art of Design Spec'ing, Jun 13, 2021

    Damn 40 upvotes and no comments :D Nice share. Important that we do this as designers. I do miss some examples with designs (rather than wireframes) though. Like, screenshots of how your Sketch/Figma file looks like. I believe following a strict Spec'ing workflow als cleans up your Figma file as well; increasing handover quality too.

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  • Posted to Meet Stage. The all-new online wireframing app., in reply to Yura Yasyuk , Apr 29, 2021

    Thanks for your reply, makes sense :)

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  • Posted to Show DN: Vagon - your computer, just better, Apr 11, 2021

    Curious though, how does this work with Cinema 4D? Is there like a C4D plugin?

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