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Jonathan Patterson

Metro Detroit Freelance Product Designer Joined over 6 years ago

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  • Posted to SeoImage - Find who use, duplicate or steal your content., in reply to Kemie Guaida , Aug 30, 2018

    SeoImage determines where your images are used on the internet and provides you with the backlinks. Register now to take advantage of a 30% discount!

    What does SeoImage do? SeoImage provides information about websites which use your image. Use the labels to get an idea of the alt attribute that most closely matches your image.

    Who is it for? Marketers and photographs that want to know where their content goes—who uses, duplicates, or shares it.

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  • Posted to What's a quick way to test new logo options?, Jan 23, 2018

    Link to a Twitter poll?

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  • Posted to Would you give me feedback on my personal site? (take 2), in reply to Alex Price , Jan 19, 2018

    Regarding transparency I'm talking about the top colored section on the project-specific pages. That top section needs some more design attention. The use of color combined with the image doesn't feel right yet.

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  • Posted to Would you give me feedback on my personal site? (take 2), in reply to Andrew Hersh , Jan 19, 2018

    Agree with Andrew

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  • Posted to Would you give me feedback on my personal site? (take 2), Jan 19, 2018

    Hey Alex! Good job! A few pieces of constructive criticism:

    -The site doesn't load right on Mac, FF Quantum. I just see a black screen and when I scroll down I see the Let's Talk section and image.

    -I like your use of black + colors—maybe use a solid color instead of transparency so the "weight" of the color more closely matches the black.

    -I like the transitions and hover effects.

    -Consider putting your avatar in a circle. The contrast will complement the other rectangles on the page.

    -There's a 20 px or so white line under the 4 projects. Is that an intended design element? It looks like a broken scroll bar. Consider removing.

    -Need a way to get back to the home page without using browser back arrows

    -The intro "I'm Alex…"is very pedestrian. "Maybe see what else you can come up with that grabs people's attention. All the words on a website are important.

    I also agree with what Brandon Zell said.

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  • Posted to How is Invision Studio?, in reply to Ashraf Hamdy , Jan 16, 2018

    Webflow is nice. I created my website in it. I don't use it as a design tool though—despite their marketing push touting "design in the browser." I still think it's easier to push pixels (or vectors, more accurately) around in a program like Sketch or Illustrator, then code it on Webflow.

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  • Posted to 2018: What are the alternatives to After Effects for Interaction Design?, Jan 15, 2018

    I was thinking about the same thing. I've been collecting a list of different prototyping software. Here are some (that weren't already mentioned) that might be worth the look:



    -Kite Compositor


    And, if you want, here's the site I made just to keep track of all the various software coming out...

    Yo, Proto

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  • Posted to What're some of the best portfolios you've seen?, Jun 26, 2017

    This one is legit:

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  • Posted to Webflow. Designer tool, or developer tool?, Feb 27, 2017

    As a designer I use it... I used it to build my portfolio website. Webflow is what Dreamweaver was supposed to be but never ended up executing well (in my opinion.)

    I have some developer friends who have used it but prefer their traditional avenues. I say it's more of a designer tool even though it has capabilities beyond what designers often are comfortable handling.

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  • Posted to The portfolio of Jonathan Patterson, in reply to xxxxxx xxxxxxx , Feb 24, 2017

    Thanks for the compliment Tim! I've experimented with so many ways to execute my portfolio of the years…1 time I tried to do it by hand with CSS/HTML. That was really hard. • Another time I hired someone to build a custom WordPress theme, that wasn’t bad, but didn’t let me customize enough of the overall site when I wanted to improve things.

    I settled on a website builder that let me do it myself because I like the ability to change details over and over until I get it exactly the way I want it.

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