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  • Posted to Site Design: Dinostatues , Nov 10, 2014

    The greatest feature of this site is the single line:

    "Neck and head remove for transport."

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  • Posted to Inside Apple's live event stream failure, and why it happened: it wasn’t a capacity issue, Sep 10, 2014

    This in no way addresses why streaming through an Apple TV would have experienced the same issues.

    This is only a fraction of the issue, if that.

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  • Posted to Enhancing Data Visualization with SVG Filters, Sep 08, 2014

    I can't imagine a blurry bar chart being a good way to depict uncertainty. In charts where uncertainty is an important value, it is often the most important value, and needs a more granular approach than a blur.

    Also, the main example in the article, of the Guild Wars 2 visualization, is very difficult to read. The painterly filtering on the bar chart makes it very difficult to interpret, and nesting unrelated pie charts within each other is a bad idea.

    Charts made of concentric circles are usually sunburst charts, showing hierarchical or parent-child relationships between tiers of data. For example:

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  • Posted to Common CSS practices do not necessarily mean best practices, Aug 29, 2014

    I agree with the basic premise, of common ≠ best, but the way this is presented is a little awkward.

    As far as I could tell there were no examples of where a "best practice" broke down in a specific situation, or where ignoring a specific rule (something like no id maybe?) aided in CSS development.

    I would have much rather seen an overview of how a developer ran up against a wall where best practices were detrimental, and worked around it to write new, specific best practices for the project.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Which unit do you use? rem, em or px?, Aug 20, 2014

    I use cm and in indiscriminately.

    Punk Rock Web Development.

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  • Posted to How Amazon's choice of tape encourages your packages to be stolen, Aug 17, 2014

    Despite a misleading title, (I fully expected a study on the tape or at least an informal experiment) my personal experience has tracked with the writer's hypothesis of "This tape causes people to think there is a phone inside."

    Someone in our office recently had an Amazon packaged delivered and it was marked with the fire tape. As it was waiting for him on his desk, we assumed he had ordered a Fire Phone and waited eagerly to check it out when he got back.

    It was a travel mug.

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  • Posted to Why your team needs a week of hustle, in reply to Justin Jackson , Aug 07, 2014

    Sure Thing!

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  • Posted to Why your team needs a week of hustle, Aug 07, 2014

    Every once in a while our product team will isolate a larger project and do exactly this. We always get out of our co-working space, and we go heads down on a major feature or part of our product.

    We talk about it for sometimes weeks ahead of time and get really excited and pumped up about it, and it's always a lot of fun.

    We always make sure to introduce a new workflow or some new technologies (our last week of hustle was the first time any of us used AngularJS) as a way to use this as a learning experience too.

    I highly recommend this for any product team.

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