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  • Posted to A web-community and marketplace for AR designers and creators, Oct 02, 2020

    Hey DN!

    We just launched a new version with a marketplace module where Augmented Reality designers, developers and other creators can list for sale their templates, 3D models, source code and tutorials. Currently, we are looking for beta-testers and early adopters. Feel free to join us on http://catchar.io/ or Telegram https://t.me/catchar

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  • Posted to Bootstrapping Catchar. A community-based startup for AR creators. Feedback needed!, in reply to Braden Hamm , Feb 26, 2020

    Thanks Braden! I will share this inside with our UIX designer.

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  • Posted to Bootstrapping Catchar. A community-based startup for AR creators. Feedback needed!, Feb 18, 2020

    Here are some questions that we have for the DN community:

    ▶️ What do you think about our index/home page? I afraid that it looks a little bit overloaded due to many projects, people and articles, but our idea was to show all the important information on the first page… From one point of view I think we should optimize it and transform it into a classic landing page with some text, a couple of images and a CTA button. ▶️ We have also released the concept of subcommunities. Meaning, users and creators that use and prefer specific technologies, can be focused on them. What do you think about the concept of sub-communities? ▶️ Any recommendations in terms of the mobile version?

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  • Posted to Black or White website?, Sep 26, 2018

    White ) It's an old story about white or black, but somehow white websites are selling and converting better...

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  • Posted to Web UX/UI with no designer: CatchAR - Share and discover Augmented Reality lenses, apps and projects, Sep 17, 2018

    Hi DN community,

    I would like to share with you the side project that me and my friend of mine have recently launched. https://catchar.io/ - is a showcase of Augmented Reality projects where AR developers, makers and companies can share and promote their campaigns, lenses and apps. Meanwhile users can search and discover the best projects, different AR categories, learn more how to use them and finally get a suitable project.

    We didn't have designer that could help us, so I've decided to create UX/UI by myself. Here's the tools that I've used: 1. iOS 11 App Store Design UI kit 2. Sketch 3. Photoshop 4. illustrations by: undraw.co 5. Don't hunt me badge by @marcantoinefon 6. Other credits you can check on our website

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  • Posted to [Product Hunt Campaign Design] I spent 1.5 days to prepare all designs and animation with zero knowledge, in reply to Caleb Sylvest , Jul 07, 2018

    Hi Caleb, idea and general concept of Storybacker for PH campaign was created by me. I didn't pay anything for prep. Just found and checked some best practice and useful articles which are available on the web.

    But in general, here's some info. I spent around $50 to create illustration (blogger with camera). And made some payment for content creation (proofreading, etc.). Additional assets (such as logo, etc) were exist from our UIX Designer, but at that moment he wasn't available to help me, unfortunately. Animation, screenshots, content was created and uploaded by me.

    Cheers, Dan

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  • Posted to [UX/UI feedback needed] Storybacker: Search, watch and collaborate with YouTube and Instagram bloggers , Jul 05, 2018

    Hi there,

    We have just launched our first MVP version of Storybacker and we will really appreciate any feedback from Design community regarding UX/UI design.

    Just a couple words about what we are doing… Storybacker is a free to use influencers discovery network, where you can search, watch and collaborate with the best YouTube and Instagram bloggers in one spot. By using our categories and themes you are able to find the right bloggers and explore their content that will match your criteria. In addition, you can directly contact with bloggers to organize and launch promotional campaign for your idea, business or startup. Pretty soon, we intend to introduce some cool use cases for photo and video bloggers.

    Please check our product through the link Storybacker.com

    Thank you so much!

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  • Posted to [Product Hunt Campaign Design] I spent 1.5 days to prepare all designs and animation with zero knowledge, Jul 05, 2018

    Tools that I've used:

    1. Sketch / Photoshop - visual graphic and editing
    2. Apple Motion / Final Cut - to create animation
    3. Gif creation - zgif. com
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  • Posted to Awesome UI preview for Upcoming website - Storybacker.com, in reply to Cameron Rohani , Jun 20, 2017

    Thank you, your feedback is very very important for us :)

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