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SF, CA Co-founder, Webflow Joined over 9 years ago Bryant has invited Vlad Magdalin

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  • Posted to Interesting portfolio concept by Benjamin Issenmann, Aug 22, 2018

    Great Webflow portfolio! An awesome example of breaking the mold. Ben interned at Webflow for one summer and was a serious blast to be around. Glad to see he's on to big things!

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  • Posted to How to Design a User-Friendly SaaS Pricing Page with Examples, Aug 13, 2018

    this is a great breakdown of different components of a successful pricing page. So many good takeaways for anyone designing a pricing page to maximize not just conversion, but product understanding.

    Oh snap just realized this whole blog is on Webflow!

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  • Posted to AMA Nelson Abalos from Webflow, in reply to Jonathan Shariat , Jul 10, 2018

    Hey Jonathan, thanks for joining the convo! Compared to Squarespace/Weebly/Wix, WF is often comparable or cheaper, and with much more advanced features (the ability to customize your CMS in ways wordpress won't allow, handle form submissions, custom site search, reCaptcha, responsive images, global CDN, etc). You could actually see a breakdown of our pricing vs. others here. In many scenarios, users that host with Webflow save over $100 a month, as those services add up (ie. Adding swiftype + typeform alone costs you $98/month)

    We don't do a great job of communicating the advantages and the value of WF hosting vs the $1/year VPS server in Bulgaria option, but we hope to improve that this year. Pricing is always a tough topic, as many of us were former freelancers, and we intimately understand the tough spot many are in when it comes to discussing costs with clients. We feel that with the right amount of education and supporting material we can often help users find the best fit for their needs. (sometimes $1/year hosting is really all the client wants, but those aren't really the type of users we're building our product for, though we could always create a lower priced, skimmed down plan)

    What type of clients do you typically service and would they deem Squarespace's plans out of their budget?

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  • Posted to AMA Nelson Abalos from Webflow, in reply to Dexter W , Jul 10, 2018

    Is there any way to be more friendly in a collaborative environment - i.e. creating components that get preserved in dev environments, and can be integrated back in webflow?

    This is definitely an area of opportunity that I believe Webflow is well positioned to innovate in. Look forward to some news on this front in the future!

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  • Posted to New Webflow feature: Upload files in forms, in reply to GOOD LUCK , Jul 09, 2018

    Yes, comparing Business pricing to CMS pricing may seem like sticker shock, but consider the value of Business hosting (global CDN + higher CMS limits + file upload + Webflow) vs. alternatives (Jotform/Wufoo/Typeform @ 25/mo + ____ hosting).

    Plus you get to customize the appearance of the file upload field however you want, something you don't get with any of the 3rd party solutions.

    Maybe it's akin to comparing locally sourced, farm fresh, organic, non-GMO carrot juice vs. canned carrot puree. Maybe.

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  • Posted to Interface Lovers Interview w/ Dan Eden @Facebook , Mar 14, 2018

    Another solid interview. Nice one @william-channer!

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  • Posted to Are you a frontend guy? Time to learn Vue JS 2. Here's a free course I made, Feb 19, 2018

    I see Vue JS being the most designer friendly frontend framework out there. If designers should code a SPA, I'd definitely recommend Vue over the React ecosystem. This is a handy guide to compare Vue to other frameworks:

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  • Posted to A new product-focussed podcast by Jake Knapp (author of Sprint), Dec 18, 2017

    I remember working with Jake on some early design projects when we were building Vungle's first dashboard in 2012 while Jake was at Google Ventures. One of the most insightful designers I've had the pleasure of chatting with, so looking forward to this podcast!

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  • Posted to Mirror Conf 2017, Oct 30, 2017

    The guys at Subvisual are awesome!

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  • Posted to Bring the web back to life. — Webflow, in reply to Mike Stevenson , Oct 25, 2017

    We're definitely thinking about them - and how to style / build elements in a more general sense. Lots planned, but a bit too early to spill any beans

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