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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 18, 2018

    I used to have Brenthaven Slim backpack. Its a Seattle based company and has lifetime warranty on their products. Unfortunately I got bored looking at the backpack for 2 years, gave it to my cousin.

    Fits Macbook Pro 15, Wacom tablet, iPad 10", some notepads, trackpad, and few letter size / A4 documents. Don't expect this to hold thick textbooks.

    Le backpack

    This is the same backpack the DeviantArt(DA) used to sell with their branding on it 7 years ago. Found one image online.

    DA backpack

    I miss this backpack looks so neat and slim I want it back :'( DA versions looks too grungy and cheap though.

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  • Posted to Material Design is a political choice, Jun 12, 2018

    If you work on enterprise products which are platforms and have products, services and a marketplace/app store, you are better off with using material design framework as a starting point.

    Those enterprise products can go over 1000 screens. And sometimes with

    1. Executives that don't understand design
    2. Small Design team
    3. Scarcity of talented designers in the city
    4. Scarcity of frontend developers in the city

    In those cases, Material design is a great common ground/solution.

    I think framework choice is largely dependent on competence, size of team, importance of design in a company. I guess its mostly an organizational choice like P.J. Onori said too.

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  • Posted to Side Project: UserTesters.io, in reply to Ed Moss , Jun 12, 2018

    I like that your Industry field dropdown has Design.

    Generally on online forms I have to select Computer technology or some vague term related to Internet.

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  • Posted to The Squint Test: Making Your UI Better Since Today, Jun 11, 2018

    Its sad people don't use Squint test designing content heavy pages or apps, a lot more than they should :P. Squint test makes CTA more prominent and reduce direct users eyes to pages that need interaction.

    I use this The Squint Test extension to bring squint effect on Chrome.

    The Squint Test Chrome extension

    Also you can further optimize that page by

    1. Increasing contrast between Seattle and the time by making font lighter than Regular or changing its sizes
    2. Introducing another lighter shade of grey
    3. Adding affordance to [Add a city] with a border.

    Again this is just some suggestions I gave skimming your blog post, context of the app matters as well as style guide specifications.

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  • Posted to What was your first design tool? This one was mine., Jun 11, 2018

    First computer back in 2003, when I was 13.

    1. Photoshop 7
    2. Xara3D
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  • Posted to Design Thinking!, Jun 11, 2018

    I know this is the feeling, after over 5 years of designing it happens more when designing simple things over complex things. And yes I do have my handy go-to visual design tricks.

    For anyone new here

    1. Fix the design grid.
    2. Use logical spacing ie. related heading and copy should be plced closer while other things further away.
    3. Have a set of go-to typefaces (look at font combinations with Google font for starters)
    4. Start from a grid and functional wireframe, Dribbble and Behance should come later(agency designers might sometimes prioritize presentation more than product designers).
    5. Fix those damn column widths and line heights. Make the content less of a cognitive overload.
    6. If still struggling, buy design magazines, books and study their layouts :P

    These are the foundations IMHO. Do whatever after that, go full on David Carson on it after that if you wish.

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  • Posted to Remote Only, Jun 09, 2018

    I would love to see some design related tools too

    1. Design – InVision, Abstract, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch
    2. File Sharing – Dropbox, Drive, Box
    3. Invoice – Freshbooks etc..
    4. Animation/Motiongraphics - Youtube, Vimeo
    5. Time Tracking - Harvest App
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  • Posted to Sponsor: monday.com Is A Project Management Tool Which Is The Next Generation Of Visual Tools, Built Specifically For Designers, Apr 25, 2018

    Garfield doesn't approve. Like their new logo more than their previous Spotify-like logo. As a designer, I might not want to use it.

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  • Posted to Our top 10 books on graphic design., in reply to Pablo Stanley , Apr 24, 2018

    Haven't read the book itself, but a few blog posts that talk about this – Just Enough Research by Erika Hall.

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