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  • Posted to Monokai: a trip through Japan, Jan 05, 2020

    Awesome stuff!

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  • Posted to What happened to Sagmeister?, Jul 24, 2019

    LoveFrom Sagmeister?

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  • Posted to Sketch 56 Beta is Out, Jul 05, 2019

    What features do you find missing?

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  • Posted to Request DN: Designer News Dark Mode Toggle, May 09, 2019

    This is a perfect example of how we could involve the DN community to come together to create something vs. endlessly shaming each other for ideas.

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  • Posted to Introducing Framer Playground, in reply to Hayden Dobson , May 08, 2019

    "Buzz" from the community. I feel there was much more before Framer X came out.

    Everything they're making is slick and well polished; the latest Playground video looks beautiful, their Framer Sessions are in depth, but who around here is actually using Framer X?

    I'm genuinely curious because I love Framer and used it extensively before they went down the React path.

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  • Posted to Introducing Framer Playground, May 07, 2019

    I feel Framer has fallen off the radar. Do any of you use Framer X?

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  • Posted to Please critique: Framer UI Motion - Toggle, in reply to Linton Ye , Apr 12, 2019

    Hi, nice work!

    My first question is: What is the purpose of this page? When a design is "good" it feels purposeful. Answer that question first and I think it will help you achieve what you want.

    The details in the toggle are a lot of fun. I'm going to concentrate my feedback on it because I think it can be great.

    Make the toggle the hero!

    You worked a lot on that animation! Looks fun! But, that toggle is TINY! Make it the hero of the page, so we can see all the work that went into it. Like, 2–3 times larger.

    Some of the detailed animations don't make "sense" because nature doesn't work that way!

    • A couple of the stars move left / right when toggled. Stars don't move like that! Consider fading them in instead. I noticed you are making the stars twinkle too; consider randomizing or staggering the twinkles.
    • Same with the cloud. It moves back & forth. Consider fading it in and instead have it move a very small distance in one direction.

    I don't think you need the rest of the page, really :)

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  • Posted to Site Design: Portfolio of Bethany Heck, Feb 26, 2019

    I absolutely love her work. She's able to layer complex ideas across lots of different looks in a way that works cohesively.

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  • Posted to Where do you keep all your inspirations, which you can browse comfortably in 100% size without frames??, Feb 26, 2019

    I highly recommend checking out Isolate. Cleanest / fastest image browser I've come across.

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  • Posted to Just Launched: Framer X, the world’s most advanced tool for interactive design, Sep 18, 2018

    Dumb question: Framer X is an entirely new app, so existing licenses won't work?

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