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  • Posted to We just launched pitch.com!, in reply to karthik vijay , Oct 10, 2018

    Hey Karthik, right now we're running a closed alpha – We'll start sharing more details in the near future

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  • Posted to We just launched pitch.com!, in reply to Ken Em , Oct 10, 2018

    Looking into this, thanks for the heads up!

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  • Posted to We just launched pitch.com!, in reply to Peter Cv , Oct 10, 2018

    Cinema 4D :) But as Scott says, any 3d tool will do

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  • Posted to We just launched pitch.com!, Oct 09, 2018

    Posted this earlier but used the comment instead of the site link - Hence deleted the old one reposting with an actual link, sorry about that.

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  • Posted to What's your team's design stack?, in reply to Nate v , May 29, 2018

    Figma and all the version control and sync-to-invision-pains are gone <3

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  • Posted to Huge invites wave to Invision Studio, in reply to Andrew Washuta , Mar 24, 2018

    Yeah, although, if you make heavy use of components it might be ok (in terms of duplicating artboards/content).

    I actually liked the animation part the most in terms of Studio bringing s.th. new to the table, but all other aspects of the the app are just too weak. I'm seeing Figma as their main-competitor as it's the only other tool that does enable an e2e design workflow within the tool itself, but it's just so much more mature when it comes to the design editor tools or component handling. They have to do a lot of catching up.

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  • Posted to Huge invites wave to Invision Studio, Mar 24, 2018

    Spent an evening with Studio, still feels very rough and far away from prime time ready (Due to bugs).

    Apart from that, the new things Studio brings to the table are rather underwhelming. The editor itself is inferior to Sketch or Figma. Animated prototyping is great, but def not enough. Component handling is rather bad.

    I think Figma is still killing it, esp. with the release of the latest web API. If they "just" add animation to their prototyping game it already killed Studio in all regards IMO. Similar could be said about Sketch, although I like the web-based nature of Figma as it allows for true and immediate x-team collabo.

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  • Posted to Best Design Tool for Prototypes + Responsive Design, Nov 20, 2017

    I think learning "just one" doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Most design tools these days are fairly similar to each other so there's no steep learning curve once you for example mastered Sketch (Most of the current design tools took heavy inspiration from Sketch).

    Additionally, you might need different tools to get the job done. Example: Most of the times I used Sketch + Principle if I needed to do prototyping. The other day I had to create a map-based prototype (mapbox), so I started getting into Framer since its code-based nature would allow you to use APIs and real methods provided by those APIs.

    Apart from that for me Figma is the strongest general design tool atm, esp. if you have others then yourself (stakeholders or designers) involved. Before Figma my team and me used Sketch, InVision, Abstract and a plethora of plugins. All gone now and unified in one tool (Ok, I do miss a few plugins, but unifying multiple tools outweighs that). The switch was really easy.

    Really looking forward to InVision Studio which will be released next Jan, but again, judging by the videos the UI doesn't seem to require a lot of learning or getting used to new paradigms.

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  • Posted to Design Systems in digital space , Nov 05, 2017

    Not sure if you stumbled upon this or not, but maybe it would be more effective to go through this list and get in touch with authors directly: https://github.com/alexpate/awesome-design-systems

    As a plus, you could even answer many of your questions by just researching the listed systems + companies behind it + articles connected to the systems

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  • Posted to Figma 2.0: Now with Prototyping and Developer Handoff, in reply to Ryan Carter , Jul 25, 2017

    They started working on this already

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