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  • Posted to Feeling uncertain? Here’s how to use it to your advantage, Oct 25, 2022

    Hey, would be happy to read what are you doing, what helps you once feeling uncertain? I've put together some tips that exactly help me to move forward.

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  • Posted to Freebie icons, illustrations, UI pack // New personal site, in reply to Jonas Anderson , Aug 31, 2020

    Thank you

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  • Posted to Line Icon Pack: Freebie icons pack (212 icons) and still growing, Sep 21, 2019

    It has started as a small side project for improving my skills in Icon design sector. I just want to learn more about icons and the process of creating.

    So I started with few (at the first time i think just 24 icons). And I just fall in love with the process behind. So I decided to make each month another pack of 12 icons.

    Right now the collection of icons including 212 icons and still growing. And I think it's the best time to share this freebie with you!

    Here is the link for download:

    I'll be so glad for any feedback: - Which Icons you would like to see in the future? - What should I improve on the pack? - Is there something else you want to design?

    Spread the words, share the pack!

    Thanks, Petr.

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  • Posted to Webflow Interactions 2.0, Aug 30, 2016

    I am really looking forward to it

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