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  • Posted to Are designers in real danger in the event of another economic collapse (2018 one)?, Sep 02, 2018

    Hmmm. I would take that video with a massive pinch of salt. YouTube is opinion, rarely is it fact.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD August 2018 Update, in reply to Brian Hinton , Aug 23, 2018

    You never own software, you buy a license to use it.

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  • Posted to Aesthetics, informationArchitects, Aug 23, 2018

    So much of this resonates with me. I didn’t get in to design to do business

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  • Posted to Web Design for Graphic Designers, Aug 01, 2018

    Speak their language and start with common themes;

    • Hierarchy
    • Pace
    • Space
    • Ratios
    • Grid
    • Typography
    • Colour
    • Legibility / accessibility

    Highlight what's different

    • Fluid canvas (no fixed size, people scroll)
    • Layout needs to accommodates various devices (responsiveness)
    • Interactions
    • Think journeys rather than pages
    • Being modular

    Learn from others

    • Observe design choices
    • Get them to think about their own online experiences
    • Study design guides and how they're applied

    Just do

    • Apply what they already know
    • Experiment with the bland and the bold
    • Think beyond a flashy landing page, think about long-form content
    • Get them to open flat designs in a browser to see designs in-situ (much like printing a page to see if it visually works and the right choices have been made)
    • Use the tools you want
    • Start to learn the new tools

    Whilst not specific, it's a pretty good list of topics to cover in my opinion.

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  • Posted to Design Thinking!, in reply to Kyle Y , Jun 11, 2018

    That’s some debut comment!

    I’m sure that in this cartoon the designer tried a couple of different routes all of which where considered and not just wild stabs in the dark.

    We’ll never know for sure though.

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  • Posted to UX and the Importance of Web Accessibility, Jun 03, 2018

    Funny how you’ve just upvoted and posted Toptal content and nothing else.

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  • Posted to Why You Should Never Center or Right Align Your Logo, May 10, 2018

    That word again… “should”. Gets my back up and because of this title I’m going to right align and centre align from now on just to spite you (kidding).

    Like everything, it depends.

    Be interesting to see how you would handle left aligning the NYT and WSJ logos. Because of their wide and short ratio, scaling down will have legibility issues.

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  • Posted to I'm not happy with Sketch, May 05, 2018

    To this day I still have to design long-form content within Illustrator because Sketch can’t handle multiple text styles within a text box.

    Feeling you on this.

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  • Posted to The rise in the number of Design Tools, Apr 29, 2018

    Apple has form with professional products, I say that in a less than positive light.

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