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  • Posted to Finally a way to open & inspect Sketch designs on Windows or Linux, in reply to Kyle Freed , Apr 19, 2018

    Yup, Figma is pretty dope. Speaking of... Avocode has actually built a Figma integration, because the Inspect mode in Avocode enables you to get code from layers in 10 code languages and customize the code output which is helpful for many developers. Here's a post about the release:

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  • Posted to What do UI Designers use for redlining?, Jan 30, 2018

    Try Avocode ( - you can simply import your Sketch document via a plugin (direct import on any platform without Sketch is coming soon) and the developer will be able to get all measurements just by clicking and hovering over layers, pick colors, export images, generate code from styles, and more. You - as a designer - can also comment on any point/area of the design to specify how it should be used.

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  • Posted to Is the Sketch app data format as open as they say?, in reply to Nice Shoes , Aug 23, 2017

    Just to clarify, the article literally says:

    This year we have assessed data from over 1,000,000 Photoshop and Sketch designs that were uploaded to Avocode in 2016, and one of the most curious things we found out was that Photoshop is no longer in the lead.

    It doesn't imply it's industry wide.

    Additionally, we have been talking with founders from other design services (prototyping and collaboration platforms) and they confirmed to us that they're also seeing the rise of Sketch in their data.

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  • Posted to Is the Sketch app data format as open as they say?, in reply to Stephen Weir , Aug 22, 2017

    Thanks for the clarification. :) Your TLDR is correct. We hope to be support Adobe Xd and Adobe Illustrator first, but once we have that, Affinity might be next. We're already talking with Serif (the guys behind Affinity Designer).

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  • Posted to Exporting Sketch to Photoshop?, Jul 13, 2017

    In case you want to go the other way around - from Photoshop to Sketch - try this free design converter:

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  • Posted to Free online PSD to Sketch converter private beta, Jul 13, 2017


    the Beta version is now public!

    You can convert your PSDs here:

    Here's a list of currently supported feature (since it's a Beta).

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  • Posted to Design Report 2016 - Photoshop isn't leading anymore, in reply to Ivan Drinchev , Feb 24, 2017

    Hey, I get what you mean here. If you are interested in using a powerful yet lightweight design tool on Windows, I'd suggest Affinity Designer. As far as I know both Sketch and Affinity designer are not planning any version for Linux.

    However, if you're using Linux and still need to open Sketch designs to get assets and specs you can use Avocode. The workflow is quite simple - the Sketch file needs to be uploaded by the designer (via a Sketch plugin) and you can open all of it's art boards in Avocode and inspect them. I know that this still limits you to have this "another guy" to do your uploading. That's why we're working on a new upload experience which would enable you to just drag and drop the Sketch file (so you could do it yourself, even on Linux).

    I hope this helps.

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  • Posted to Free Guacamole UI kit by Avocode (Xd, PSD, Sketch), Jul 28, 2016

    Whether you are designing the next-gen blog, e-shop, or... heck even Skynet, Guacamole is your key ingredient. It contains 3 hand-crafted UI kits for Photoshop, Sketch and Adobe Xd. Inside you'll find 150+ fresh icons, 70+ ready-made UI elements, 600+ smooth retina layers, 500+ raw vector shapes and more – all completely for free, all waiting for you to dig in.

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