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  • Posted to What do designers need?, Sep 20, 2019

    tO lEaRn HoW tO cOdE

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  • Posted to Is DN becoming a place for spam?, Nov 27, 2018

    Should designers spam tho?

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  • Posted to Black or White website?, Sep 26, 2018

    On the white background my eye was drawn to your mockup/video, on black my eye was drawn to the # of requests progress indicator. I'm not sure why. But I think you would prefer attention to go to the product video.

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  • Posted to Firefox logo concept, Sep 14, 2018

    It's cool, but it's suspiciously similar to this YouTube tutorial:

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  • Posted to Lobe | Deep Learning Made Simple, May 02, 2018

    This is huge. I can't wait to use it.

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  • Posted to When to use wireframes and when not to, Apr 20, 2018

    If you work at an agency or very bureaucratic corporate environment and need "sign off" on specific details of a design, wireframes are probably necessary. If you're just trying to get things done and iterate- just do some sketching and then make it high fidelity in Sketch. Wireframes are a communication tool, not a mandatory design step. If you feel that a wireframe can help fill a communication gap, then use them.

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  • Posted to Password Strength Visualization, in reply to Dario Farina , Apr 18, 2018

    They have a link in the corner to a demo that does it in reverse.

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  • Posted to Animated mockups. Do you use them?, Jan 26, 2018

    I don't think animating a static image like this is useful, but adding interactivity or simulating app interactions with animations can be valuable.

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  • Posted to Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up, Nov 07, 2017

    They left out the scene where the girlfriend has her exploding note 7 confiscated from an airplane.

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  • Posted to A Pen for Your Restless Spirit - The Spectre Squire, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Oct 18, 2017

    Thank you for this. Now I feel okay with spending $60 on a pen with a cartoon ghost on it.

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