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  • Posted to New Plant website, Jul 16, 2020

    Ooooh I like it. The big yellow hero is asymmetrical and weird in the nicest way... yet still has a modern Apple-y tech aesthetic somehow. Neato-burrito.

    One of the more interesting reworks I've seen this year.

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  • Posted to Sketch 65: Prototyping improvements and a new way to export assets directly from Cloud, Apr 29, 2020

    Improvementssss? Improvement, as a singular word, would be a better way to describe this prototyping update :P

    I desperately want to give Sketch all of the money I'm sending InVision. Timers, hover states, and fixed overlays/scroll position were the three things holding the team back. This hits one of them at least.

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  • Posted to New iPad Pro, Mar 19, 2020

    Bought an iPad Pro last year and I've used it so many times. Running research from it was much much easier than a laptop (capturing video/audio, compiling notes, and then shooting those in to a Confluence or Notion was easy).

    I've also loved using Procreate to sketch out ideas. I still prefer a whiteboard, but I'm getting climatized to a virtual whiteboard, too.

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  • Posted to What's the worst graphic design mistake you've made that got printed?, Mar 15, 2020

    I once worked on a catalog for upscale office chairs. The book had around 170 pages printed on legal sized sheets and finished with a complex double glued binding.

    Turns out all the SKUs for custom parts (which accounted for a large majority of their revenue from high end clients) were one digit off for half the pages. Yikes.

    Luckily it was caught before the massive run had begun but a lot of the Initial print setup and test runs had to be thrown away.

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  • Posted to Exclusive Interview with Stefan Sagmeister, Mar 15, 2020

    He always seems to ride the line between being humble and also cocky. Interesting mind.

    I wrote an art history essay on Tibor Kalman in college. His work was so rigid and provoking that I couldn’t get enough — and personally his writing opened up my perspective on how to think laterally. Thanks for sharing this!

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