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  • Posted to Introducing SPECS by CanvasFlip - Developer/desginer collaboration tool, in reply to Mike A. , Dec 24, 2016

    Hey Mike, I'm Monika from CanvasFlip. I am a UX researcher at CanvasFlip.

    Ideally, as we know 5 users is a good number to conduct any user testing unless the usability test demands a larger crowd in specific. I am glad to inform that the heat map at CanvasFlip is as good for 5 users as it is for 20!

    Talking of the other UX analytics, I am sure it will not be a concern as they are individual user data, drop-off rate, etc..

    Hope this answers your concern :) And Merry Christmas, Mike!

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  • Posted to How does this "Wishlist" label drive better conversion for Airbnb - Usability Testing done on Airbnb, Jun 27, 2016

    There are studies that prove, labelling icons enhances usability on desktop applications. This is why Microsoft Outlook started labelling its icons like reply, new, reply to all, Send/receive etc..

    But when we are talking about mobile apps, the situation is a bit tricky - considering the crisis of space. But I believe that confusing icons such as heart/star/backward arrow should either be avoided in apps or if at all it is being used, it should have a label. And this usability test completely proves this.

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  • Posted to Hustle in jumping between mockups and prototypes is reduced with Balsamiq+CanvasFlip integration, Jun 22, 2016

    One of the biggest challenges in building good apps is to get actionable feedback while user testing your mockups or prototypes. To help UX professionals perform user testing on their Balsamiq mockups, CanvasFlip built a utility tool to import Balsamiq mockups seamlessly into the CanvasFlip prototyping studio.

    Looking forward to get your feedback on how helpful this would be for you?

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  • Posted to UX experiment testing "Sticky icon for deleting comments" on Instagram, Jun 20, 2016

    Deleting a comment on Instagram is really a challenge for the first time when you do not know what to do. I had faced similar friction when I wanted to delete a comment on Instagram. After few unsuccessful trials, of course, Google comes to your rescue!

    But, a sticky icon on the comments will be really very helpful for the user. And of course these usability tests prove the hypothesis.

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  • Posted to Analysis of user experience on YouTube, world's 2nd most used website!, Jun 16, 2016

    Hey friends, This usability testing had the objective of analysing two things - 1. Sign in/registration process 2. Finding a video on YouTube

    In the end, I have used all these UX insights to plot a graph of the importance of feature vs its difficulty level.

    These insights are the outcome of usability testing done on the prototype with 32 users. Your conclusions from these insights are most welcome.

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