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  • Posted to What rucksack / bag do you use?, Oct 16, 2018

    Mission Workshop has always been my favorite in the 'carry-till-you-die' category of bomb-proof offerings. Not always the most attractive options, but I just received the Arkiv brief (14L) and it's exactly what I've been looking for.

    Big enough for daily carry (macbook + sweater + umbrella + headphones+ etc), black and low-key, but built to a higher standard than you see nearly anywhere else.

    The larger 19L 'laptop brief' is deceiving - they sent it me by accident - it looks great online but is very long and doesn't have a padded laptop sleeve. Still though, built like a tank.

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  • Posted to North of Rosemont: Canadian-made notebooks, in reply to Justin Ma , Aug 10, 2017

    Hey Justin, that's a great question.

    We went back and forth, trying to include only the bare minimum needed, but we ended up including it. For us, it didn't add much value at this point in time, but we're trying to see deep enough to imagine how the line will get extended, how this version might live among other product offerings.

    We don't yet know what other products will be added (we have an idea), but if it's larger workbooks, variety of paper types, or varied page counts, we wanted to at least include a place to note product details.

    And to your point about inside, quality, etc., we're moving pretty quick so we'll be sending updates about all that stuff. The site will be revised pretty quick too for pre-orders/orders which will need a whole different approach, product details, etc.

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  • Posted to North of Rosemont: Canadian-made notebooks, in reply to Alexandrine Allard , Aug 09, 2017

    Thanks so much for the kind words! And a million love emoji for the support.

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  • Posted to North of Rosemont: Canadian-made notebooks, in reply to Thomas Lowry , Aug 09, 2017

    Yeah! I love the people and product at Nota Bene (actually, they've been a huge help and are lending a hand with the testing etc).

    We're eventually going to have inside options (blank, lined, dot, etc.)., but we're planning on launching just with blank and dot grid.

    And yes, I agree, Muji's got great value. We're focusing on a pretty slick paper choice which isn't going to give us an easy time with margins, but it's going to be worth it. Yeah it's saddle stitched, but the paper is tops.

    Thanks for the note!

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  • Posted to North of Rosemont: Canadian-made notebooks, in reply to Stefanie Viens , Aug 09, 2017

    Thanks Stefanie! If you're familiar with Alexandraplatz we're trying to be there live at the block party on the 26th. Just FYI.

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  • Posted to The queen of uninvited redesigns, Nov 03, 2014

    I think this is an improvement overall, but maybe more importantly it looks like it's starting a broader conversation.

    This might help streamline one aspect of the always byzantine bureaucracy of street signage.

    2 comments: - If people are worried about production costs, this kind of thing can easily be printed on hard-wearing non/reflective vinyl and adhered (over and over).

    • If the time/numbers on the left were larger or highlighted, seeing this from one's car wouldn't be that big an issue. Is it green? Park.
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  • Posted to Inbox by Gmail - The inbox that works for you, in reply to Jean-Marc Denis , Oct 23, 2014

    Late to the party like usual. If there's still an invite kicking around I'd love it: amichiels at gmail dot com

    EDIT: Thanks a ton!

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  • Posted to Ethan - A messaging app for messaging Ethan., in reply to Daniel Fosco , Oct 10, 2014


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  • Posted to 77 Failed Startup Post Mortems, Oct 08, 2014

    Did anyone manage to download this?

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  • Posted to Before You Hire Designers—A List Apart, Sep 30, 2014

    I feel like we could substitute 'designer' with 'product/project manager', 'UX', 'ops', 'UI', or nearly any other title.

    That said, this article is so bang on it should be required reading for anyone in a management position. Responsibility for an employee's success is not something you find in spades these days.

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