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  • Posted to Sketch: in 2021 and beyond, in reply to John Doe , May 13, 2021

    It's not the same type of "web app" that figma offers. From what I understand it's just certain features of sketch. Actually using sketch still requires the "mac app" as they are calling it now. Unless I'm mistaken?

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  • Posted to How Microsoft’s Chief Accessibility Officer Does Her Job, May 03, 2021

    This isn't technically design-related as we think in the traditional sense but in my opinion, still applies to be posted here. It's about design in the hardware space.

    Expanded information: Doubling down on accessibility: Microsoft’s next steps to expand accessibility in technology, the workforce and workplace

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  • Posted to Figma + Bravo = Real Native app iOS and Android, in reply to Dan G , Oct 02, 2020


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  • Posted to Freelance designers in a pandemic, Aug 24, 2020

    I think this totally depends on the industry you target rather than anything else. Some industries and products are more affected by COVID than others. I'm designing in real estate (in-house team not freelance) and we couldn't be any busier than we currently are with rates so low. We are setting record units every month during COVID.

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  • Posted to Playbook - Conducting employee one-on-one meetings, in reply to Noel Braganza , Jul 27, 2020

    Neither do I understand your feelings here, or your lack of understanding.

    First, I have no feelings towards this. I already stated that. Couldn't have been more clear in my statement. It's not my issue as you're the one that was triggered by the comment. I'm merely asking for clarity but sure you can be aggressive and a twat about it. Helps explain your response to the original comment though.

    A difference in opinion doesn't need to load itself with unnecessary aggression and ignorance.

    I already asked this but I'll ask again since you keep deflecting.

    "How so? A differing opinion than yours is suddenly aggressive?"

    Do explain how so. We're waiting.

    I suppose 'self reflection' is term that hit a nerve somewhere.

    Like I said, "No skin in the game either way but I don't understand your feelings here." Nowhere am I triggered. Given the conversation, it's obvious who's triggered here and needing self-reflection. I won't explain it any further seeing as you don't seem to grasp it, but it is you.

    Perhaps it's an opportunity to start figuring out why reflecting on your career is a problematic exercise to begin with. I suppose that's blunt enough?

    Oh so now you're trying to attack my career when you know nothing about me? Pot calling the kettle black here. Also known as a hypocrite. Microaggression while trying to call someone else out for it. Hilarious in its own right.

    Should I also assume you never bothered reading the article and decided to jump in and comment on the one sentence that you connected with in this thread?

    Sure go ahead. You're full of assumptions anyways. Why stop now? Also for the third time I've already stated I'm not connected to anything here other than asking a simple question, "No skin in the game either way but I don't understand your feelings here."

    Through all that text you still haven't answered me. Lots of deflection and microaggression attacks and hypocrisy. Hilarious conversation. Good thing others can see it too.

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  • Posted to Playbook - Conducting employee one-on-one meetings, in reply to Noel Braganza , Jul 26, 2020

    Also your comment is unnecessarily aggressive.

    No skin in the game either way but I don't understand your feelings here.

    How so? A differing opinion than yours is suddenly aggressive?

    Or maybe you're just struggling with feedback that contradicts your narrative in a no-frills and blunt truth way?

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  • Posted to I'm looking for new job and I'm struggling with interviews :( , in reply to Kris Kim , Mar 12, 2020

    Hah that's one way to think about it. There's someone out there for everyone. It just takes time every now and then to get the right one.

    It's all a matter of courting. You're interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. I hope it works out in your favor.

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  • Posted to What's your Adobe Premiere workflow like?, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Mar 06, 2020

    Clearly more fun than you.

    Great rebuttal. Such decisive and empowering talking points. Keep up the good work gurlfran.

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