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  • Posted to I'm looking for a constructive feedback on readability of my product, Aug 22, 2017

    Nice enough. Things i don't like. IMHO 1.The body text on the tiles is larger than the text in the article, i get to content i want to read so you make the text smaller? 2. I love space around things but... On Mobile the horizontal space at the sides of the main text column and at the sides of the cards is too wide on small devices. This makes the text column too narrow and text wrap too much. Is not bad on a phaplet but on an iPhone 5 and 6 its not the best. Why is the article in a "card" anyway?. Having a grey background and then a white panel takes up space unnecessarily. ..on small devices. 3. I cant click the whole card to go to the article. By all means have a hover on the heading and the Call To Action as its what many users expect, but if i click anywhere on the card it should take me to the article. 4. I don't like the vertical spacing of the subheadings in the article. They aren't attached to the copy they are related to, they seem to be centered between two blocks of text like a quote. make them closer to the copy they are related to.,

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  • Posted to CC2015 is so bad I bought a copy of Sketch., in reply to Sean Schraeder , Dec 08, 2015

    Now i see where this is coming ex fireworks user? I'm not sure Adobe ever understood Fireworks. The speed of the Fireworks interface is awesome. Building a similar interface in HTML 5 may or may not become laggy, but html rendering is an absolute must IMHO (BTW.. it still works and is rock solid on windows).

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