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  • Posted to Best freebie resources for designers?, May 23, 2018

    Color Hunt for trendy color palettes inspiration

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  • Posted to How and why do you use Dribbble?, Sep 06, 2017

    I have a Dribbble profile ( with over 15k followers started in 2015. I use Dribbble on a daily basis because:

    1. Dribbble is my gym for playing and practicing my design skills. It keeps me motivated and challenged.

    2. I get lot's of exposure over there. Clients all over the world see my work and I get gigs and job offers.

    3. I make connections. Yes, "cool" comments and a certain number of likes doesn't really indicate if you're a good designer or not, but there are still people behind those interactions. People that interested in your work, appreciate, and people that want to follow you and stay connected.

    4. I get tons of inspiration - I start my morning with browsing Dribbble and catching up with the latest shots from the designers I choose to follow. And also even before I go to sleep.

    5. It's my portfolio. Maybe it's not the best platform for every designer, but I personally find these 800x600 shots the best way to accurately showcase my skills and what I love doing.


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