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  • Posted to Responsive Pixel Art, Mar 09, 2016

    This is cool! The artist's portfolio has some really great stuff as well.

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  • Posted to Eight HTML5 tags you might not know, in reply to Catalin Cimpanu , Mar 07, 2016

    That's acknowledged in the article:

    Some of these tags are either brand new in HTML5 or have been repurposed from the HTML4 specification.

    I'd known most of these prior to reading the article, but it's a useful reference for some real world examples of when to use some of the lesser utilized tags. The W3C HTML5 spec can be a bit lackluster at times :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to code, where do I start?, Feb 24, 2016

    Similar question asked a week ago: Ask DN: JavaScript for Designers

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  • Posted to Ask DN: JavaScript for Designers, Feb 12, 2016

    How much do you know already? What are you hoping to target with the "crafted specifically for UI.UX Designers" distinction?

    I don't consider this at all tailored for designers, but Code School has well crafted JavaScript courses. They also have HTML and CSS courses that includes a "Fundamentals of Design" course.

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  • Posted to Convert pixel art to CSS using this tool, Feb 10, 2016

    The author, Javier Valencia Romero, has made the source code available on GitHub for anyone interested in the inner workings.

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  • Posted to Is this the perfect save icon?, Feb 02, 2016

    Jamie makes some good points; consistency being key is unquestionable. I don't really think it's crucial that we re-invent the save icon. How about the power button icon? I know that represents turning something on or off because of consistency, not because of it's immediately obvious from any human connection.

    Good UX goes beyond natural intuition and human connection. Give users additional clues rather than striving to re-invent things that don't need re-invention. For button icons, that could be a tooltip on hover; for power buttons it could be an LED indication.

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  • Posted to America's Sudden U-Turn on Highway Fonts, Jan 28, 2016


    This window into the approvals process reveals another problem that may have doomed Clearview: The font was never a mandate, only an alternative.

    combined with this:

    The FHWA has not yet provided any research on Clearview that disproves the early claims about the font’s benefits. But there is at least one factor that clearly distinguishes it from Highway Gothic: cost. Jurisdictions that adopt Clearview must purchase a standard license for type, a one-time charge of between $175 (for one font) and $795 (for the full 13-font typeface family) and up, depending on the number of workstations

    make the struggle for adoption of Clearview seem pretty obvious. Without any immediate tangible incentive, why would a jurisdiction buy a new license for an optional new font?

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  • Posted to A touch keyboard <input> cheat sheet for good mobile UX, Jan 27, 2016

    The accompanying article goes into more detail with explanations behind some of the attributes

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  • Posted to CC0 stock photos catalog—search by color, collection, or keyword, Jan 22, 2016

    Discovered on Hacker News

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  • Posted to 1982 DC Comics Style Guide, Sep 14, 2015

    Description from the page:

    Presented here are pages from the highly sought after, but never published for sale, 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. These images were used for marketing and licensing while also serving as reference material for other artists.

    This is a bug test

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