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  • Posted to Brutalist Templates, in reply to Mark Vogelaar , Jun 16, 2020

    Mark, all these templates are vector design templates, if you click on them you will be able to edit them directly in your browser with Artify editor. Artify editor is a web-based design editing tool we used to create the templates. But you can also use it to create your own designs or use these templates as base.

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  • Posted to Artify: An easy to use web-based design editor packed with 10k of design assets, in reply to Valentin de Bruyn , May 30, 2020

    Valentin, thanks a lot for taking the time and let is know this, we did a lot of work improving the shortcuts, but due to the huge range of options, still some bugs. Thanks, it will be fixed soon :)

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  • Posted to Ramadan Design Pack: A free pack of Ramadan Designs you can live edit, in reply to Fajar Siddiq , May 08, 2020

    Fantastic you like it Fajar ! feel free to use as you wish, would love to see that project :)

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  • Posted to 500+ Free Line Icons for Designers and Developers, Apr 24, 2020

    Musharof, fantastic product as usual! Congratulations... In mobile, I think would be nice to enter to the categories right from the sections above the browser all button. Also in mobile, once in the icons section, you could try 2 columns maybe ?

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  • Posted to Control Illustrations — A set of stylish 108 free illustrations for web, Feb 11, 2020

    Nicely done Denis !

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  • Posted to Explaining UX Design to Boomers, Feb 10, 2020

    Thanks for the videos Seth !

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  • Posted to 80 super duper color palettes that you can copy to clipboard, get the image or download the Figma file., Feb 08, 2020

    Nice as usual Michael !

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  • Posted to Gradientify: Interactive free SVG icons you can colorize as you wish, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Jan 24, 2020

    hahaha, the concept is to be able to Gradientify your icons ;) People loved the gradients we used so much, that asked for a gradient tool, so I need your advise on that tool's name ;)

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  • Posted to Gradientify: Interactive free SVG icons you can colorize as you wish, in reply to Sacha Greif , Jan 24, 2020

    Sasha, creator here. First to say, thanks a lot for your feedback, it's tremendously difficult to get honest feedback, thanks for the time you took expressing your opinion. Now, despite the honest critic, I'm with you. This pack it's not searchable, not tagged and it doesn't have a way to get individual downloads, however, if we were added all the functionality, we haven't ship yet this side project, which intended to be a way to get feedback and opinions for the new iconshock and try a new way to design icons.

    Now, this specific pack is a conceptual pack, it's a laboratory on how we think icon customization should go, we have plenty of line and flat icons everywhere, and as you said, the fun part is becoming out of the game in professional icon companies and designers, Should icon designers start thinking in new ways to design, what about brutalist icon design ? or even return to a new, revamped skeuomorphism ? We are seeing a fantastic evolution in many fields of design, but I think icon design is kind of stuck.

    What we found here: - Even having a great design, people need readable, taggable and searchable icons. - People loved the concept and the color customization options. - People liked a lot the UX, so, simplicity and usability, still the key. - We reached #2 in ProductHunt and then server failed due to the huge visits and a misconfiguration I didn't realize on time, so I discovered a new paradox: The bad-good news :)

    And finally, an honest communication with our users is the way to create great projects.

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  • Posted to FontPairings.ByPeople: Mix, Preview and Download Trendy Font Combinations, in reply to Nicholas Burroughs , Oct 31, 2019

    Jeje... Even having a good collection of combinations needs a trained eye to choose the specific details, alignment, size, variation, line height... So no time wasted my friend ✌️ we really hope it can be useful enough for your projects

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