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  • Posted to Show DN: OAM, Aug 10, 2016

    Neat. Reminds me of Patatap which, if you have yet to experience, is amazing.

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  • Posted to Colordot for iOS - A color picker for humans, in reply to Todd Sieling , Apr 22, 2016

    Thanks for the feedback. There is minimal undo (using the shake gesture) while choosing a color. Adding the others to the todo list.

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  • Posted to Show DN: WebApp meets web design - Algardata 5.0, Jan 25, 2016

    I must be missing something, this doesn't jump out as exceptional design to me, just busy.

    edit: spelling

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  • Posted to Just launched our new website and would appreciate critique, Aug 10, 2015

    It's a great looking site. I'm a sucker for minimal lines and whitespace. But, this site could benefit from simplification.

    You have an intro animation. It's cute, but it doesn't tell me anything. I'm assuming you're an agency and my first few seconds on your site should clarify that. Answer "who / what / why." Give your audience something to anchor on. This is further exasperated when I click you're logo. It returns me to this animation and, effectively, a dead end.

    The typography is nice, but feels manic. I'm looking specifically at your about page. It looks like you're using the serif for subheadings (h5) and then use a larger sans-serif (Montserrat?) for your h3. What makes this confusing is the h5 feel more important due to contrast. Further down the page the an h3 pops up and introduce a whole new hierarchy. Meaning gets lost. I would workshop you're about page, play around with it some more.

    Also, are you using a scroll-jacking library to control scrolling on some pages? It feels either sluggish or very fast.

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  • Posted to Lodash: 10 Javascript Utility Functions That You Should Probably Stop Rewriting, Aug 02, 2015

    Cool library. If this looks useful to you, I would also check out underscore.js which does most of what this library does plus a whole lot more. It's small (5.7k!) and powerful.

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  • Posted to Colour - Scroll around and find your perfect colour, in reply to Andreas H , May 05, 2015

    Nothing to crazy. It's an HSB color picker at it's core. I always preferred to explore theme building in terms of hue and brightness; controlling for saturation and warmth. Color the result of a weekend hack to build something that allowed be to sketch color palettes.

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  • Posted to Colour - Scroll around and find your perfect colour, in reply to Asis Patel , May 05, 2015

    That is an interesting suggestion. The tool was always supposed to be very minimal, but perhaps there is a need for some more advanced tools.

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  • Posted to Colour - Scroll around and find your perfect colour, May 05, 2015

    I made this! Happy to answer any questions about this very sophisticated design tool.

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  • Posted to The answer to the eternal question: “Where do I find a technical cofounder?”, Jan 29, 2015

    I wrote the blogpost to help explain the problem of “looking” for business partners: technical, design, or otherwise. I’m sharing it with DN as I feel it’s true to any creative work. If this team-dynamic stuff interests you, I’d recommend reading up on effectuation.

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  • Posted to Should designers animate?, Jan 07, 2015

    This was an ok article. The title is terrible.

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