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  • Posted to Who's designing on Windows. And why ?, in reply to Giovanni Hobbins , Apr 03, 2016

    Totally Agree with you. I got my bachelors in Software Engineering about 8 years ago and I've been getting into design as well. I was always a fan of Windows and in fact I actually snarked at people who owned a Mac (perhaps, it was partially because I could not afford one).

    After Graduating and working with PC's and windows for only a year in the job market I soon got my first Mac. When I got my first MBP, my skills just sky-rocketed and later I moved on to doing freelancing and had multiple side projects that made some good money.

    Perhaps the fact that Windows might finally get Bash Shell into their operating systems could be a step forward for them, but personally, I would recommend to anyone who has never had a Mac to try it out and be the judge yourself, I'm sure most will find a Mac to be a much more enjoyable experience.

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