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  • Posted to Microsoft's Hover Gestures for the Windows Phone might change the way we think about gesture-based interactions , in reply to Florent Alix , May 09, 2016

    I know right! Pre-sensing interaction patterns weren't something I thought of before I saw this. I think we might be slowly moving away from touch-based interaction and focusing a bit more on the implications of sensor-based interactions, especially with the work being done by Microsoft as shown in the video and Google's Project Soli.

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  • Posted to DN: Too much spam on top stories, in reply to Anatoli Nicolae , May 09, 2016

    I don't think exclusivity is necessarily the best option to pursue. I actually like the fact that it's not invite only because it gives everyone a chance to join in, of course I guess these types of articles have to be regulated with some sort of cap on how many upvotes a post gets to feature on the front page, or how recent the account is.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: The Product Designers Handbook survey, May 03, 2016

    Just answered! Survey could do with some sectioning, took me a while to fill in haha!

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  • Posted to Seeking Portfolio Advice, Feb 18, 2016

    I'm currently using Semplice for my (unfinished) portfolio at www.justinfarrugia.com

    However what I will say is whilst it's content editor gives non-developers a sense of modularity and creative freedom, if you actually know how to mess around with Wordpress and the theme itself you'll get way more value than what you paid for. The product itself is great though, highly recommend it!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are entrepreneurs born or made?, Feb 09, 2016

    Here's my two cents: In their formative years, people go through different experiences as they grow up which then contributes to the making of what person they will become. They are born with features not qualities. Qualities are made. Entrepreneurs are people. They're not necessarily born with the burning desire to build something or work ten times as much as anyone else in the room. But, that being said, they may develop the tendencies to do all those things.

    The 'runs in my blood' phrase that is so often brought up might be a result of the fact that, in this day and age we're surrounded by brilliant people. And when your exposure to these brilliant people is growing day in, day out that admiration for talent turns into a 'What if I was that person?'. Eventually, those types of questions make their way into a much deeper fabric of your life which triggers one of your basic human tendencies — self-perfection.

    Entrepreneurs are born, only when particular experiences they have had, can make them set out on that path.

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  • Posted to Easier way to do Responsive Design, Dec 06, 2015

    Well that's just naughty hahaha

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  • Posted to Opinion: Web design is now completely boring, Sep 23, 2015

    Wow the negativity around web design is actually becoming a bit uncomfortable. This year alone it's been called dead, soulless and now boring. Gee, thanks interwebs :/

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  • Posted to Ask DN: I'm 15 years old and want a design job?, Sep 23, 2015

    Hey Matt! Wow, 15 huh? Kids are starting young these days, awesome. I'm a soon to be business graduate but design is what I really want to do, specifically design for both the web & mobile applying UI & UX principles, and so I've been teaching myself how to think before to execute which I think you should focus on. I'm sure you've been using UI kits or crafting your own icons for your own projects, but you have to start to learn the 'why' before the 'what'. Start to question your design decisions & make case studies whilst building a portfolio with a website builder such as Squarespace or a CMS like Wordpress. Make stuff on your own, build your own products, make concept applications and write about why you made particular decisions.

    What you should do then is send your design concept to someone who might be interested. Say you design a fast-food application that makes it easier for the organization to reduce the time spent waiting in line, you can send them the concept and ask them if they'd be willing to collaborate.

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