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  • Posted to Are you a frontend guy? Time to learn Vue JS 2. Here's a free course I made, Feb 19, 2018

    Thank you for making these courses, Gary! Definitely useful and obviously high-quality.

    One request: Would you be willing to use "person" instead of "guy" in universal cases like this?

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  • Posted to Designing Windows 95’s User Interface, in reply to Diego Lafuente , Feb 07, 2018

    I don't think Windows95 compares very favorably even with System 7.

    They both certainly had different requirements and restrictions, but the Mac interface elements were a lot more elegant and the palette was a lot gentler. It also annoyed me that windows apps had a menu bar and the OS had inserted the start bar. Not to mention the confusing file browser, drive names, etc.

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  • Posted to Help me pick a new monitor!, Jan 26, 2018

    The best monitor is the LG 34WK95U

    The best cheap monitor is the Nixeus Vue 27D

    I really hated my P2715Q because it is too small for native 4k resolution (everything is tiny) and too large for 2x resolution (everything is huge)

    The Wirecutter recommends the HP Z27n: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-27-inch-monitor/

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  • Posted to Our design firm just released our first ever Diversity & Inclusion Report. What do you think?, in reply to Sarah Armstrong , Jan 23, 2018

    You'll notice that the "Mark Rothko" account has a creation time of just after Andrew Hersh's first comment and has only commented on this story.

    Mark Rothko is a Jewish visual artist frequently cited as "degenerate" by racist trolls online. That makes any of their comments here deeply suspect.

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  • Posted to Our design firm just released our first ever Diversity & Inclusion Report. What do you think?, in reply to Andrew Hersh , Jan 23, 2018

    I'm surprised (though I suppose I shouldn't be) that anyone would consider Andrew's comment high-five worthy or "amicable"

    It's pretty strident, and it seems like Andrew is eager to take offense, imagine he's being excluded, and reactively judge the report before he's even seriously engaged with it.

    DesignerNews notes in its comment placeholder text to "Be nice, or else" but it's clear that Andrew is escaping any consequences for his obviously "not nice" comment.

    A small minority of highly-vocal white supremacists almost always tries to dominate discussions of race and gender online using toxic tactics like this, and it's incredibly charitable of Sarah to take the time to patiently explain the report.

    Sarah, please know that the vast majority of people understand that diversity and inclusion are important, and see comments like Andrew's as blatant attempts to reinforce inequality and exclude women and people of color from the workplace, and from positions of influence in society.

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  • Posted to Collection of blue collar logos, in reply to Bevan Stephens , Dec 21, 2017

    These logos seem to all be for industrial products used by the working classes as they go about their labours, or inexpensive household products purchased with meagre wages.

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  • Posted to Now that iOS 11 is a month old, what AR apps are you actually using?, Oct 18, 2017

    My 9 year-old cousin loved playing ZG: Revenant when I saw him at a wedding last weekend.

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  • Posted to Monitor advice...1 27" 4K vs 2 24" non-4k?, Aug 14, 2017

    27" is a terrible size for 4k displays. At native resolution everything is too small, and at 2x it's cartoonishly large.

    I'd recommend a 34" or 38" ultrawide display

    Source: Have used 27" 4k and 5k displays, as well as standard-res 24" displays.

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  • Posted to Easily create high quality GIFs with Gifmock, in reply to Joe Blau , Aug 07, 2017

    256 color is a limitation of the GIF format:


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  • Posted to How do you guys 'Save for Later' the Articles you like?, in reply to Matt Willett , Jul 05, 2017

    +1 for Pinboard. It's one of the few services on the web that actually has badass politics too, and is totally open-web supportive.

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