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  • Posted to Ask DN: Any UX/UI Designers out there finding reasonable use with the iPad Pro?, Dec 22, 2015

    I've had mine for a few weeks and it's integrated into my workflow now. Prior to buying it I was looking to improve my sketching anyway so it's worked out well. I bring it to meetings and do some writing on it too.

    I've been using Paper by Fiftythree and I find that adding colour and grey values to my sketches helps when presenting them to coworkers. I can highlight buttons, show what areas have emphasis, etc. You could do the same with markers, but the iPad is more convenient and less messy. You also skip the scanning step. I post straight into Slack from the app.

    Where it's really improves on sketching is in the cut/copy/paste feature. You can treat buttons and rows like symbols which speed things up, and when you draw something in the wrong spot you can move it around after the fact. Saves the erasing step.

    The smart diagram features work good for writing out interaction flows.

    Here's some example sketches of what I've been doing:

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  • Posted to Split screen map-view and list-view mobile apps, Aug 04, 2015

    Find my Friends by Apple has a split view with the map on top and the list view on the bottom.

    It works a bit differently when scrolling compared to the other examples. Panning the map makes it fullscreen and puts a back button in the navigation bar (taking you back to the split view). Scrolling in the list keeps you in the split view.

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