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  • Posted to Cheap Flights Tickets| Last Minute Flights & Airfare Deals, Aug 16, 2019

    Needs a splash of UX work done to the site

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  • Posted to AEUX not working in Sketch 54, Apr 18, 2019

    Adobe Extensions just rejects the AE plugin for me

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  • Posted to Sketch Mirror, Oct 29, 2018

    I agree but it's not as flaky as Adobe Preview was... I found if you turn auto update artboard it works pretty well with fewer issues.

    But it isn't the point I know haha.

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  • Posted to Ask: Base resolution for designing iOS apps (2018), Sep 18, 2018

    I normally design for the iPhone 8 and then for a complex design that requires adjusting for the plus/X models we pull those screens out and design specifically for them.

    Also, a big one if working for a client it is worth asking which devices they want to support or if they are targeting a specific device.

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  • Posted to Problem using Sketch libraries and exporting to Zeplin., Sep 14, 2018

    A colleague of mine had a similar issue... Is your artboard a symbol or just a regular artboard?

    We found the problem was to keep the artboard as normal and have the symbols of your design pattern as symbols on the artboard. Your symbols will still need to be sliced and symbols sitting within the artboard.

    Let me know if this helps.

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  • Posted to Apple pricing...., in reply to Nelson Abalos Jr , Sep 14, 2018

    There will always be a couple thousand fanboys/girls willing to sell a kidney for the latest Apple product.

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  • Posted to Does Sketch-Toolbox work anymore? , Sep 14, 2018

    Not used Sketch-Toolbox in a long time... you can install plugins through the Runner app.


    This plugin does speed up the workflow.

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  • Posted to Adobe Cloud Issues, in reply to Mauricio Paim , Sep 05, 2018

    That is a problem when you make users go to use another tool... This just ruins day to day work flow!

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  • Posted to Why is it so hard to format bullet points in Sketch?, in reply to Hannah Chalmers , Sep 03, 2018

    Totally agree, just some more paragraph stylings would be good!

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  • Posted to Why is it so hard to format bullet points in Sketch?, Sep 03, 2018

    Yeah, I found this being a serious problem in Sketch so I ended up making a symbol with the style I wanted and then repeated it.

    It is a manual process but it gives a better control of padding and sizes.

    Hope this helps.

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