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  • Posted to Framer — NavComponent Beta, in reply to Koen Bok , Dec 01, 2016

    This is great and a large part of what I've been looking forward to in Framer. It sounds like it will be released soon, is that the plan?

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  • Posted to How many people do you need to run a user test?, Nov 29, 2016

    This is a pretty solid recommendation. For those who are more interested in the details, there is some nuance here.

    In most cases, we as UX'ers are talking about Formative (what mistakes will users make) versus Summative (statistically, how many people will succeed).

    As you point out, the general consensus is a population size of 5 will deliver the best cost to benefit ratio. There are two scenarios where that doesn't necessarily hold true.

    The first, is if you only get one round of usability testing. While unfortunate, it happens–In that case, go for more as it's your only shot.

    The second, is when the probability of finding a mistake is very low. The following chart shows the chances of detecting a problem given the sample size and probability of seeing event once (think of dice, d3 versus d20).

    Jeff Gothelf, Quantifying the User Experince

    You can read the original magic number five article here if you want. Also, since everyone cites Nielsen I think it's prudent to point out that some of the credit should go to Bob Virzi and James Lewis who did a bunch of earlier work on this topic.

    I'd be happy to go into the nuance of the topic of Summative sample sizes but that gets deep into statistics which is no fun to write up...

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  • Posted to Would you 'go back' to working at a design agency? , Nov 09, 2016

    I would consider starting a small design studio that focuses specifically on helping brands develop and execute on UX strategy work.

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  • Posted to Would you 'go back' to working at a design agency? , in reply to Andu Potorac , Nov 09, 2016

    You get to focus on one problem, really get to know the users, and follow up on projects after you launch it. Basically, you get to not only have more influence on the strategy and long term vision but also execute on it.

    On another note, I've seen some numbers over time that working for a tech company pays better then agency work.

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  • Posted to Apple — MacBook Pro, in reply to Mariusz Ostrowski , Oct 28, 2016

    That's totally true. That said, I can't remember the last time I needed to plug my phone in other than to charge. It's obnoxious (in theory) but nothing that gets in the way of my day.

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  • Posted to Planning on Doing The Switch to the Microsoft Surface Lineup, in reply to Emanuel S. , Oct 28, 2016

    Agreed, I really like the Sketch -> Framer Studio workflow. Additionally, if you do development, getting setup on a Mac is much easier then on Windows. Getting down into the command line is easier and I can use tools like Homebrew to install Linux type tools. While, I'm sure it's possible to run a design AND dev environment in Windows, it's been a long time since I did that and think it would be very disruptive.

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  • Posted to Open Innovation Toolkit from Mozilla, Sep 13, 2016

    I really appreciate Mozilla putting this together. We used to have a similar toolkit at Intuit and this is the start of a really good collection. I hope that they also work hard at driving a community behind it.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What online tool for usability testing?, Jul 04, 2016

    We use user zoom for quantitative testing. The interface isn't pretty and it's expensive but it has the flexibility for running rigorous studies and asking all the questions you could need. You can also use it for smaller formative usability studies if you need to.

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  • Posted to Apple releases new 12 inch Retina MacBook line: new processors, Rose Gold, better battery life, in reply to Eren Emre . , Apr 20, 2016

    That must make all the difference. I really love the little guy there are some things holding it back from being my primary machine. The minute they release a 13" or 15" version, I'll be upgrading :)

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  • Posted to Apple releases new 12 inch Retina MacBook line: new processors, Rose Gold, better battery life, in reply to Eren Emre . , Apr 19, 2016

    Did you order an upgraded one? I've found that some things can cause it to slow down significantly. Also, mabye I'm getting older but I'm finding the 12" screen to be too small.

    And not to nitpick TOO much but the laptop is so small and light that it bounces too much when typing in my lap.

    Other than that, I love it for traveling, meetings and home use.

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