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  • Posted to Intelligent renaming in Sketch. Plug-In idea., Mar 04, 2016

    How do you “duplicate an artboard vertically” ? There’s only one duplicate command, right?

    It’s an interesting idea, but given that plugins can only run when you ask them to (not automatically when you duplicate an artboard) it’ll probably be faster for you to cmd+d then immediately cmd+r to get your artboard name right. Like someone else said, it’d be easy for a plugin to incorrectly guess the name you want, then you have to rename it yourself anyway.

    Scripting-wise, incrementing names is trickier than arranging artboards based on names that are already set (I made such a plugin, in fact, although it probably doesn’t line up with your particular naming conventions.)

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  • Posted to Sketch Plugin: Place Linked Bitmap (JPG, PNG, PSD, etc) , Dec 03, 2015

    Thanks for spreading the word, Kyle. If anybody has any questions or feature requests, please let me know either here or on Github. Thanks again.

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  • Posted to Convert multiple PSDs to Artboards — Photoshop script, in reply to Anton Lyubushkin , Jun 18, 2015

    Or copy it to Adobe Photoshop CC 2015/Presets/Scripts/ if you plan on using it often.

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  • Posted to Sketch v3.3 now available, in reply to Shawn Borsky , Apr 08, 2015

    I’ve seen this with PDFs not generated by Sketch. Have you tried deleting your OS X font cache recently? Might be worth a shot.

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  • Posted to How can I track my life?, in reply to Clark Dinnison , Jan 29, 2015

    It is:

    But Reporter is more flexible for what you track.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What are your most hated typefaces?, in reply to Ilya Malyanov , Jan 26, 2015

    Bank Gothic gets my vote, too. It’s all caps, but the “lowercase” caps are too thin compared to the “uppercase” caps. But that doesn’t stop folks from using it mixed case. It’s primarily used for sci-fi these days. If you want to use Bank Gothic, use Eurostile instead.

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  • Posted to BLOKK: a font for clients who do not understand lorem ipsum , Jan 05, 2015

    See also: Redacted: A Font for Web and Desktop

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who wants to be hired? (Sept 2014), Sep 17, 2014

    Location: Brooklyn, NY

    Remote: sure, or on-site in the greater-NYC area

    Willing to relocate: no

    Skills: design & development, sixteen years experience, primarily in advertising. Looking to do things that aren’t advertising


    Email: frank at kolo dot io

    I’m primarily looking for freelance, but will consider full-time if the right opportunity comes along

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What do you think of the new volume/resolution toggles in 10.10 DP 5?, Aug 05, 2014

    Since nobody else has mentioned it (if it matters), the background color of the bezel now matches the Yosemite menu bar. If you use the light menu bar style (the default) the bezel will be white, like in those screenshots. If you use the dark menu bar, the bezels are black to match.

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  • Posted to Responsive Full Background Image Using CSS, Jul 01, 2014

    This isn’t a great tutorial.

    background-attachment: fixed + background-size: cover = problems on mobile.

    The demo works if you resize your desktop browser, but open it on an iPhone and hit the “Load Some Content” button and you’ll see the issue.

    Hopefully, folks who need a tutorial like this will take the time to test it thoroughly while implementing instead of assuming the author has done the testing.

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