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  • Posted to We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro, in reply to Surjith S M , Sep 10, 2015

    What? Is this a serious response? I agree that Sketch Mirror needs to released on Android. I also agree that Sketch needs to release a Windows version. But 90% of the UI/IxD industry being on PC/Linux is most certainly false.

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  • Posted to We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro, Sep 10, 2015

    No, we most certainly do not need Sketch for the iPad Pro. Or iPad Air. Or iPhone.

    Sketch is the most useful tool ever made available to the public for UI design. But Sketch is also riddled with bugs. The absolute last thing we need from Bohemian, is to have them supporting some dumb iOS app that was created just so .09% of the UI industry can use a stylus. I wouldn't touch an iOS version of Sketch with a 10' pole. I want to see the OSX version be free of bugs, and then have them release a Windows version.

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