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  • Posted to We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro, in reply to Nikolay Yanev , Oct 30, 2015

    What if I don't use iPad, but Windows... I just bought myself a Surface Pro 4.

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  • Posted to We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro, in reply to Daniel Winter , Sep 15, 2015

    I'll smoke whatever I want .

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  • Posted to We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro, in reply to Jon Bell , Sep 13, 2015

    In what way would I under-estimate software development? Did I say it was going to be "easy" or "quick"?

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  • Posted to We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro, in reply to Emanuel Sa , Sep 11, 2015

    Hi Emanuel.

    My name is Florian, and I am the head of Growth and Marketing at Teambition.

    Sketch has made my life easier versus having to use Photoshop to get the simplest design stuff done.

    However, I have just read about your decision not to bring Sketch to iOS. A couple of days ago, I also tweeted to one of your team members about potential support for Windows 10. Response was: nein. Keine Windows 10.

    So let's summarize all this: I now have to renew my hardware. Seeing the Apple conference, the only new stuff that I could buy and be proud of buying is the iPad Pro. Which you will not be supporting.

    Only equivalent that makes sense right now - and that I personally would love - would be the Surface Pro 3. Windows 10 rocks, the Surface rocks as well, and with the Surface Pro 4 arriving soon I would have JUMPED literally on it. No questions asked, I would have bought it. Which you will not be supporting.

    In fact, out of all the apps I use, you are the ONLY ONE not supported on either, but that my company relies on for design. Which means, we are basically all forced to now buy a Macbook Air or Macbook, that not only don't have this tablet/pen stuff, but that are also heavy, outdated, and underperforming because they haven't been receiving any hardware update from Apple.

    So, that first thing, as you can see, does not work at all.

    Now, here is the second part.

    The fact that Mac hardware hasn't been upgraded means something: it means Mac OS X will eventually die. And maybe faster than we anticipated. Which is the platform you currently support.

    Next point: doing design on a Mac is a thing that only Europeans and Americans have "historically" chose to do. But that's what I would call it: history. The stereotype of designers only doing their work on a Mac will probably change, with different devices and OSes showing up. I also personally know people who do design on Windows, and they are very fine with it.

    So, it feels like you are making a big time strategic design for your company based on whatever "feeling" you have users are using as an OS/hardware.

    Same when it comes to some countries, like India or China, a lot of people rely on Windows. With such a growth as the one for Windows 10, and a new set of APIs and development tools to create Windows 10 apps, you are still choosing to completely ignore it.

    And those choices are bringing something very bad for you guys: you're pissing users off. People like me. Who decided we would trust your company to provide the best solution, and right now we are let down. Literally. Why can't you just raise money to hire a couple of .NET developers and build a Windows 10 app? I see no reason. Adobe has a nice business model and makes money, you could probably make money as well. There isn't any real debate here.

    So, here, I said it. What I think about what you're doing right now, and expressing my frustration as a user right now. To your management now to tell us what's "really" going to happen instead of trying to justify why you won't invest in any of the platforms of the future.

    Yours trully,


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  • Posted to Team communication app?, Mar 30, 2015

    Hey everyone!

    Was just wondering if any of you have tried our new tool ChatGrape?

    We're looking for people to try us out and give us any feedback! I can answer you guys here directly if you want :)

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