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  • Posted to Anyone Working At Agency Using Slack? How Do You Use It?, Mar 16, 2015

    Hello Hendra,

    If people see it as a communication platform in addition to Hangouts, Skype, etc.. they are certainly missing the point. It would change the way you are communicating if it is part of the company culture. It needs to be implemented and supported by the bosses for it to works. A company culture can be cultivated by the employees, but the farm is owned by the bosses. The company culture is the mirror of their values... and nothing is more important than how you communicate your values.

    For it to works, I would even further than saying that people should never create private rooms unless they what they are talking about is essentially private (you would lock yourself in a private room to talk about the subject). The main benefits of Slack are the open channels. They are breaking the silos in a company, as anyone from any team can now get a glimpse of what is happening in another. In the agencies where it been successfully implement I see channels around team departments (marketing/sales, dev, design, account management, etc.) and also one for each main projects (archive when the project is finished).

    Hope this may help.

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