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  • Posted to Byte is the most interesting app since Instagram, and 10x weirder, in reply to Jordan Winick , Dec 07, 2015

    As someone who really enjoyed the music composer in Mario Paint for the SNES, this feature tugs on my nostalgia.

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  • Posted to Alas, Only Apple, May 22, 2015

    The article kind of wanders around subject wise, but one point that had me nodding my head was the need for the web to break out of the standard browser box to remain competitive.

    For so long I kept expecting Google to shift focus with Android and start moving towards a system built on web technology like they've with Chrome, but it looks like the opposite is happening (bringing android apps to Chrome). WebOS now seems like one of those great ideas before it's time.

    Ironically, it feels like the new Microsoft is making more inroads into giving web/javascript more equal footing with apps. The open nature of the web, which MS once seen as a threat, is now a potential lifeline as they fight to regain mindshare from their 3rd place position in mobile.

    Apple is going to keep doing what it thinks will maintain it's competitive edge in UX and wow factor. Right now that's a tight control of apps and hardware.

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  • Posted to FiraCode — Monospaced font with programming ligatures, May 22, 2015

    Don't know if it's just my eyes as I get older, but I find the less-than-or-equal and greater-than-or-equal ligatures less readable when skimming (takes my mind a moment longer to confirm they aren't just < or >). Still, pretty neat.

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  • Posted to 5 ideas for Apple Watch, Mar 04, 2015

    1, 3 and 5 seems like neat ideas.

    2 seems like it could be done now, better, with geofences and location sharing on phones.

    4 seems dangerous. My first-aid might be a little rusty, but the thing you should be checking for pre-CPR is that the person is if breathing, not fiddling with getting your watch against them. Leave this type of automated diagnostics to proper AED devices.

    Best thing in this situation is to have the watch call 911, keeping your hands available to perform the CPR. I like the idea of the watch helping you with compressions, but it should probably be a voice guide at max volume. You could be too jittery/scared in this kind of situation to pick up the vibration cues properly.

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