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  • Posted to Figma 1.0, Sep 28, 2016

    From briefly trying this, it looks amazing. Lots of little things that work just the way they feel like they should rather than requiring the workarounds I've gotten used to, especially the Pen tool. Lots of things can be done nondestructively when they couldn't in Illustrator. Far fewer menu options than Illustrator and yet it has everything I need.

    Right now their Pricing page says it's free through the end of 2016. I'll be very interested to see what gets announced then.

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  • Posted to Symbol For Context, Aug 02, 2016

    The goal of the symbol for context is to represent the statement: “Your computer’s hardware and software are doing smart things right now.”

    This seems very vague to me.

    For a Nest thermostat, this symbol would appear whenever you walk by the motion sensor of the device. The symbol would activate when Nest sets the temperature of your house based on your arrival or departure.

    When is a Nest thermostat ever not processing the data coming in through its sensors?

    In the case of Tesla’s Autopilot, this symbol would appear in the instrument cluster whenever Autopilot was engaged.

    Why Autopilot specifically? I believe Tesla cars make use of contextual information more often than that.

    This symbol could also be present in iOS and Android on the status bar. In the case of mobile platforms, the symbol would let users know when the mobile device is performing contextual operations.

    I would think such an icon would be nearly always on, and therefore of limited value.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Pooper App, Jul 20, 2016

    Twist: The app doesn't actually do anything. There are no scoopers. You're just paying to relieve your guilt for leaving the world a shittier place.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Pocket Penguins, Jun 02, 2016


    You know what's really important by what gets cut for the mobile design.

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  • Posted to Apple Reveals San Francisco Monospaced Font, in reply to Peiran Tan , Apr 19, 2016

    The thousand-and-one faces of Input are really impressive, but for comfort and ease of use I'm very happy with CamingoCode.

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  • Posted to Linux command line coming to Windows 10, Mar 31, 2016

    As the lone designer/developer at a Windows-only company, this is great news! Looking forward to seeing Linux's ecosystem of command-line tools becoming easy to use on Windows.

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  • Posted to "Dear Tim Cook", Mar 24, 2016

    It surprised me to get to the end of the article and see only praise. No criticism, no snark, just effusive joy. I can't think of the last DN or Medium post I read with that quality. Which is kind of sad.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Move from Europe to North America, how hard is it?, Jan 08, 2016

    As a designer/developer who's interested in possibly moving from North America to Europe, what differences in the design world do you see between the continents? What makes you want to leave Europe and come here?

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  • Posted to Mozilla makes it easy to create VR websites with 'A-Frame', Dec 18, 2015

    You can create VR environments just by writing HTML?

    Damn I love this industry. Every time I turn around there's something new I can do with the tools I already know.

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  • Posted to China has gamified being an obedient citizen, in reply to Daniel De Laney , Dec 18, 2015

    The real brilliance of the system is revealing the data to people and using it for social pressure.

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