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  • Posted to What are the best conferences for product designers?, in reply to Luke Murphy , Nov 07, 2018

    Thanks Luke—just looked up JAM and it's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for (maybe see you in Barcelona for JAM 2019 haha? :D )

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best sites to learn how to code?, Jul 06, 2015

    It might help if you shared what your learning goals are (i.e. build an iPhone app, websites, web apps, etc.) /r/learnprogramming is one place you might want to check out, and

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  • Posted to Scroll Slow. Have Fun., Jan 09, 2015

    So cool. Much pain. Many fun.

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  • Posted to Why I changed my stance on Dribbble, Jan 09, 2015

    The analogy of a playground is a good one — especially because with Swift developers have a playground of their own for tinkering with code. It only makes sense that designers would benefit from a playground of their own, too.

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