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  • Posted to What are you using for your bookmarks these days?, Dec 10, 2014

    Fully aware that this will likely be buried, but my co-founder and I are building a next generation bookmarking application called Linkship. It's designed with organization and ease of access to information in mind. We're all about saving people as much time as humanly possible.

    It's Chrome only at the moment, but we'll be bringing it to Firefox and Safari as well soon.

    If anyone would like to give it a shot you can contact me at kyle AT getlinkship DOT com

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you have a mentor?, Nov 26, 2014

    My business partner! In all honesty, I'm not a designer by trade, but I've been learning from my business partner who is a brilliant designer.

    I'm slowly getting better and it's getting to the point where for smaller things I don't need to ask her if it looks right or wrong.

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  • Posted to uBar — the Dock replacement for the Mac, Nov 26, 2014

    I'm personally not a huge fan of the Dock, and I love the attempt, but I'm not sure how wise it to replicate the Windows experience on OSX. Plus there are bugs that are complete show stoppers, like appearing above apps that are using full screen mode.

    I'd love to see someone take another stab at this as I'm sure that there are a number of interactions patterns that could be more useful than what is currently there.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What CSS framework do you use?, Nov 26, 2014

    At the moment, we're using some lightweight LESS mixins with a decent amount of Home Rolled styling. We're an unusual case though. We have a chrome extension and web app and the styles are shared between the two.

    We try to keep our download sizes to a minimum, and so far it seems to be working out pretty well.

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  • Posted to Site Design: NEVERBLAND, in reply to Sam Mathews , Nov 25, 2014

    I'd agree with this point, at certain times the logo becomes completely blended with the background. You can see it here. It also makes the navigation look awkward and separated from everything else.

    I think the simple solution is to simply extend the navigation bar across the top. It's a simple an unobtrusive pattern which completely solves this

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