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  • Posted to Prosaic: an intentionally simple, static blogging platform, in reply to Stefan Trkulja , Sep 23, 2020

    Totally agree with this. I know what "the power of a static site generator" is because I built my site on Gatsby/Netlify, but that also means I don't need this service. The target market should be people that want something fast, simple and secure but don't necessarily care what "static site generator" means.

    p.s. Love the website! The black/white simplicity perfectly matches the value prop in the header

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  • Posted to Product Designer Portfolio (Feedback), in reply to Bole ★ , Jun 17, 2020

    Neither of these websites invented the concept and Lukas' implementation is quite different from the site you linked to. Nothing is original in web design at this point so maybe try and be a little more generous with your commentary.

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  • Posted to Which tool(s) are you using for designing UI animations?, in reply to Nicolas Python , Apr 28, 2020

    It's not really a tool for UI animations, you can't control any animation settings at a layer level, only page level.

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  • Posted to If engineers talk to users, do we still need designers?, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Feb 14, 2020

    Agreed. When you consider a transatlantic flight can produce over half a terabyte of data and that doesn't really take into consideration that non-data processing, mechanical complexities then this statement does seem slightly absurd. I would guess that my washing machine is probably a better comparison :)

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  • Posted to What did you read in 2019?, in reply to Andrei Urse , Jan 14, 2020

    Thanks! I knew I wouldn't have time to checkout all the books on your list but 3 I can manage :)

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  • Posted to What did you read in 2019?, Jan 10, 2020

    Great post. Andrei, it looks like you read a ton of books that are super relevant to designers. Would you mind telling us which, if any, you highly recommend and why?

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  • Posted to Sketch Buttons as Symbols wo Plugin, in reply to Josh Sanders , Mar 12, 2019

    I went through the same journey, only started using anima as a paddy replacement, but now I find it extremely useful for other kinds of symbols as well where I want to maintain spacing between elements.

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  • Posted to Animations in iOS: 30 beautiful examples, Dec 18, 2018

    There's nothing iOS specific about any of this…they're just animation concepts.

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  • Posted to anyone is actually doing full time remote work?, Nov 09, 2018

    About 8 years of experience working remote full-time and a few more years of remote freelance before that. I love working from home but I've never really worked in an office for more than a week at a time whilst on visits so can't really compare. What kind of things are you interested to hear about?

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  • Posted to anyone is actually doing full time remote work?, in reply to John P , Nov 09, 2018

    You are the only one trying to point fingers here, Kemie never said it was anybody's fault, just one of the challenges of working remotely.

    it's ALL for their benefit, no one in the office gets any benefit

    Apart from the reduced operating costs, which is an indirect benefit to everyone, if that person is happier and more productive working remotely, then that is a benefit to everyone that has to interact with them.

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