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  • Posted to Jon Gold – Taking The Robots To Design School, in reply to John P , May 28, 2016

    Thank you John P for your valuable input!!!

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  • Posted to Perfect summary of UI vs UX, in reply to Wil Nichols , May 25, 2016

    Hmmm. Not sure I can agree that it’s an overdone medium, there’s still people out there who think things like ‘separation of the two disciplines was born from totally arbitrarily constrained lists of skills that are merely discrete because someone made them so and the line between the two disciplines is fuzzy at best and more likely egregiously asymptotic; poorly-rationalised separation of such symbiotic skills is arguably more damaging for newcomers and generalists in the industry than it is beneficial for those wishing to specialise’ and, well, I’ll tell you this for free: as long as these people exist, I’m glad there’s others out there who’ll valiantly combat these notions with expertly-crafted visual analogies that clearly communicate there is a sheer and definitive difference between User Interface design and User Exequatur design. The community needs to rally against these outliers and show that, in fact, NO, there is a huge difference between the two and until the noisy minority pipe down we will consistently and lovingly craft clear, easily-digestible (if you pardon the pun!), frequently-shared graphical content that intelligently and intuitively portrays the hard line where User Interface design starts and User Exsanguination design ends. Hmmm. Thoughts?

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  • Posted to Perfect summary of UI vs UX, in reply to Rolando Murillo , May 25, 2016

    I think the most important thing for a designer is knowing how to differentiate between the two, preferably with the use of expansive and considerate visual analogies, clearly labelling the large difference between them. A designer who can take a simple item (let’s say, I don’t know, a slightly stale Hobnob biccy-wick) and clearly, effectively communicate the difference between User Interface design and User D-Generation Ex design is worth at least 80% more than a simple designer who just ‘designs fantastic products regardless of really awfully imposed and arbitrary lines between two extraordinarily overlapping skillsets ’. I mean, who is really mastering the art of semiotics and hierarchy? The designer who doesn’t bother themselves with labels, or the designer who consumes a stale biscuit in the name of enforcing the notion that there is, in fact, a huge and notable difference between User Interface design and User Excavation design? Hmmmm. Not sure about you but my money’s on the biscuit man.

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  • Posted to Perfect summary of UI vs UX, in reply to Bevan Stephens , May 25, 2016

    Yes!! I feel if they split the funnel up into smaller steps, introduced some progressive disclosure techniques and a little surprise and delight at the end, maybe a caramel squirt of some kind, they’d not only see conversion rate go through the roof but a marked improvement on activation and, thusly, CLTV!

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  • Posted to Perfect summary of UI vs UX, in reply to Dan Sherratt , May 25, 2016

    Hmmm well I think if we’re going to discuss UI and UX as separate entities surely we need real, down-to-earth metaphors to do so? Hmm. I just think that relating it back to the basic need and function of eating food to the delightful experience of consuming a tasty biccy well, doesn’t that give the good, hard-working normal humans a nice angle to view things from? I certainly think so!! Hmm. Perhaps a fig roll would be a better comparison? It has more layers and seems to be geared towards being consumed in a certain way, at least, it feels more designed for the shape of the average human mouth; but then I’m loathe to bring something so obviously well-funded and extensively user-tested into the comparison. Feels a little disingenuous. Hmmm. Perhaps you have a better solution? What food type would you think could best sum this comparison between User Interface design and User Expedite design? Hmmm. Definitely a thinker!!

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  • Posted to Perfect summary of UI vs UX, in reply to Bevan Stephens , May 25, 2016

    The biscuit contains essential macro and micronutrients for basic metabolic function which is released into my mouth during the experience of using the interface that is the biscuit, exposing the content of its nutritional makeup through a deliciously smooth chocolate gradient and a tactile, skeumorphic textured base, providing an experience of perfect chewability and a consistent melting transition over time with what feels like a spring-like cubic bezier curve easing out as the two layers mix together, all in all a well designed experience that not only provides fantastic content but surprised and delights along the way with extremely tasteful and well-considered microinteractions.

    Hope that helps!!

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  • Posted to Perfect summary of UI vs UX, in reply to Dan Sherratt , May 25, 2016

    I’m sorry you don’t grasp the concept or differences between UI and UX Dan but I feel this clearly communicates a very serious and considered analogy of the necessary schism between the two. How else are we going to communicate the very large differences between User Interface design and Use Extraordinary design? Hmm.

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, Apr 07, 2016

    Y’all are fucking adorable. Being personally offended by comments displayed without context, clearly showing shitlords being shitlords, probably means you should meditate on your own shitlordiness.

    Keep your highly entertaining self-parody up until you implode!


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