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  • Posted to What are you using for your bookmarks these days?, Dec 09, 2014

    Another vote for vanilla Safari bookmarks and syncing between devices. Used Readability and Instapaper, but the essential thing is that I simply don't need an "interface" for bookmarks. I just need access to find, save and do minimal organizing, and it's built right into the browser.

    Then with Quicksilver (or Alfred or other similar utility), I can access those bookmarks no matter what application I have open.

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  • Posted to Pixate — now open to the public, Oct 14, 2014

    Congrats on the launch! I just tried out the private beta last week and dove straight in without any tutorials and was surprised how intuitive it was to throw things on the canvas and apply controls and get things connected. Can't wait to start using this for a real project.

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