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  • Posted to I won't be upgrading to iPhone 7. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. , Sep 09, 2016

    Slightly different for me again, I got a 6+ when it came out, love the size but nothing else grabs me, so ill be going back to Samsung when they fix the explosive new feature...

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  • Posted to Site Design: Somerset, Sep 02, 2016

    Beautiful, and quite fitting, but I don't think they tested on Safari, Chrome was required for this one... :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you build your portfolio?, Sep 02, 2016

    At the moment, mine's less of a portfolio and more of a business card slash cover letter in website form. It's just plain HTML and CSS, but the next version uses Jeckyll and some componentry to add some previous works to a grid of screenshots. Hoping it turns out as clean as the rest of the site ended up... Link

    Having seen some of these, it's not as fancy or content heavy, which I think I need to work on, some nice inspiration to go on here though :)

    As for the reasoning, that's a complex one. Lots of sites I've seen used a CMS when they only had one page of rarely updated content, which seems like overkill and tends to make the page more bloated than it would otherwise be. I wrote the content in Pages and kept the whole site managed in GitHub, when I make a change, I just clone it into my webroot and it's good to go. I like that aside from the header image which needs to be optimised, mine's quite light and free from unnecessary bloat and heavy scripts.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you build your portfolio?, in reply to Nate Parrott , Sep 02, 2016

    I actually really like the idea for this, but for the sake of screen readers, Google, and potential indexing, please, please make the cards text and html. Looks nice though

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What kind of shoes do you wear?, Aug 17, 2016

    On casual fridays:

    DC Court Graffik

    On days that aren't casual fridays:

    Pointy Boots

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  • Posted to Ask DN : Do you click on Ads?, Aug 01, 2016

    With very, very, very few exceptions, no. I'm usually not in the market for anything that would be suggested on any of the sites I'm casually browsing, and if i'm on a shopping website I usually have a fairly good idea of what I want. As has been suggested in the thread, I do somethings use the affiliate links or other direct-linked ads from all blogs or hardware sites because they're both convenient and trustworthy.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: "Difficulty Rating" Design Pattern, Jun 23, 2016

    Very contextually dependant, but in areas involving complex tasks with specific skills, you could use examples like education or age. Perhaps a slider between 'Simple enough for a child to complete' to 'probably needs a masters degree' or 'novice' to 'expert', maybe using green to red colour scale i the mix?


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  • Posted to Show DN: a new user experience for the Jenkins CI/CD tool, May 31, 2016

    I spend a large portion of my day dealing with Jenkins, creating and updating builds, watching the console for errors etc. and up until this point I've found that as a tool it works fantastically for what it is meant to do. Much like a swiss army knife its not necessarily pretty but it does the job well. The new UI looks very attractive from a design point of view but now we'll have to see how well it performs as an every day tool. I'll be downloading the plugin version of this shortly and we'll drop it on our staging / playground Jenkins and see what we can learn!

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  • Posted to CNN Creates Helvetica Clone as it's Company-Wide Typeface, Apr 28, 2016

    Hate to say it but moral issues aside, that's a pretty reasonable business decision. Owning the rights of your own font for broadcast and web usage will save them an absolute fortune in the long run. If they'd hired a well known foundry to create a properly nice to look at and somewhat unique font, that would have been better, but at least by basically being Helvetica it will be readable and professional looking, good for a news brand.

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  • Posted to GitHub forces Gitbucket to change their UI, Mar 29, 2016

    Open-Sourcing of their CSS aside, I feel GitHub was in the right here defending their trademarks on interface. Given GitBucket's stated aim to be a clone of GitHub in Scala, I feel like they achieved their purpose, but at some point they will need to consider whether they are wandering into commercial scale infringement. BitBucket and GitLab offer similar products with distinct UI and UX features, but they have the advantage of being commercial products. Even so, I still feel GitBucket would do well to follow a similar approach.

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