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  • Posted to Ask DN: What does your Résumé (CV) look like?, in reply to Benjamin Kowalski , Jan 08, 2023

    My résumé includes a summary of my educational background, professional experience, and any relevant skills and accomplishments. It's tailored to the position I'm applying for and highlights my relevant experience. It also includes any awards or certifications I've earned, as well as volunteer work or internships. My résumé is concise, well-organized, and easy to read. Top resume writers provide expert advice and guidance to create a resume that stands out from the competition.

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  • Posted to What do you do to fight pitch anxiety? , in reply to Duke Cavinski , Jan 08, 2023

    One method I use to help fight pitch anxiety is to practice visualization techniques. I try to visualize myself giving the pitch in a positive light, feeling confident, and succeeding. I also make sure to practice the pitch in advance, so I can become comfortable with it and have an idea of what to expect. Additionally, I try to take deep breaths before I start, remind myself of my qualifications for the job, and practice positive self-talk. When it comes to homework, I prefer to delegate to someone who is really good at it.- Great assignment help website.

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