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  • Posted to Shopify & GDPR - Complete Guide, Jul 06, 2022

    Dear merchants, we have some bad news for you: Showing a cookie notice banner doesn't make your Shopify store GDPR-compliant. What’s worse, even enabling the Customer Privacy setting in Shopify or using a GDPR app may not be enough at all. We know how important GDPR is to you as a Shopify merchant - and how many EU companies have been fined as a result of the regulations. Let’s make it clear first, though: This is not a scare story. We have just prepared this guideline to provide you with a bunch of reliable information to...

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  • Posted to Shopify - Google Ads Integration, Jun 22, 2022

    Truth be told, if you don’t have a proper Google Ads - Shopify integration and follow the best practices, it means something quite costly for you: losing a lot of money. You may complain about your Google Ads integration and the problems & errors & inaccuracies related to that. Also, your product feed, conversion tracking, and remarketing setup might disappoint you at some point.

    The thing is, without a solid & steady setup, you cannot expect great results from Google Ads because it’s impossible for you to optimize your ad campaigns or spending. We have prepared this ultimate guide to let you have an accurate Google Ads Integration with your Shopify store.

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  • Posted to Exciting Shopify Updates of 2022, May 25, 2022

    Shopify has been providing merchants with unlimited opportunities to expand their businesses since 2008 - when it was first launched. Placing itself among the top e-commerce platforms with top-notch solutions and advantages for merchants and their customers, Shopify continues to deliver groundbreaking news and updates. So much so that, although we are just 5 months into 2022, Shopify has already announced 5 important updates that excite...

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  • Posted to Shopify - Facebook Pixel Integration, May 10, 2022

    Here we are - on a very hot topic for you as a Shopify merchant: Facebook Pixel and Conversion API. We know that iOS 14.5 and all other changes that focused on user privacy were nowhere near helpful for you. At the end of the day, these changes caused a big disappointment because you saw a dramatic drop in your FB & Instagram Ads performances. On the other hand, Facebook Conversion API improved, and it works much better - but ONLY IF you complete all the settings correctly. In this well-crafted guide, you are going to discover the ideal way to set up your Facebook Pixel and Conversion API correctly, applying best practices.

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  • Posted to If You Want to Be Creative, Don’t Be Data Driven, Apr 09, 2022

    Analyzify is an all-in-one Shopify data-analytics app that takes care of all your data collection and tracking needs for your Shopify store. Data Analytics on Shopify

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  • Posted to Shopify Google Analytics, Mar 15, 2022

    It’s time for Shopify merchants and Google Analytics to get along. Are you ready to shift gears and have a proper Google Analytics setup, some advanced tutorials, or a couple of tips & tricks? Well, you have arrived at your destination!

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  • Posted to Google Tag Manager - Shopify Integration, Mar 09, 2022

    Google Tag Manager - Shopify Integration allows you to manage all of your tagging needs in one place, making it easy to quickly add and update tags on your Shopify store. With this powerful integration, you'll be able to track everything from product purchases and website visits to custom events like button clicks.

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  • Posted to Interview with Kevin Clark from Shopify about his personal website, Mar 07, 2022

    Shopify Analytics - Splash - Check out our comprehensive guide on Shopify Analytics. From understanding the native dashboard to setting up Google Analytics, we have you covered.

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  • Posted to Shopify speed optimization: 9+ Actionable Techniques for Faster E-Commerce, Mar 07, 2022

    Nibbler tested (Data analytics on Shopify) and gave it an overall score of 9.5 out of 10. This website is excellent in all areas, including marketing, technology, experience and accessibility.

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  • Posted to Things I learned from working at Shopify, Mar 07, 2022

    Google Tag Manager can be a powerful tool for Shopify store owners. With GTM, you can easily manage all your tracking tags in one place. In this guide, we'll teach you how to set up and use GTM on Shopify. We'll also show you some of the best apps and tutorials for using GTM with Shopify. So whether you're just getting started or you're looking for more advanced tips and tricks, this guide has you covered!

    Shopify Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that can help you manage your website tags more effectively. With GTM, you can easily add and update tags, as well as track conversions and other website data. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up GTM on Shopify. We will also introduce you to some of the best apps and resources for using GTM with Shopify.

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