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  • Posted to Hiring for Design Systems Roles, Aug 30, 2022

    On the 23rd of August, we talked about hiring for design systems roles. Catch the recording of our webinar with Jules Mahé, Audrey Hacq, Julien Vanière, and Jeannie Servaas on best practices to recruit and apply for design systems positions.

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  • Posted to Finding the right balance between consistency and flexibility for your design system, Jul 28, 2022

    It’s natural to look for consistency when building design systems. But flexibility in a design system isn’t at odds with consistency. Check out my last blog post about how and why you should build flexibility into your design to level up your system.

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  • Posted to Design tokens as your DNA, Jul 22, 2022

    Design systems are fascinating because they question a brand at its roots. Even if Brad Frost opened the design system path with his Atomic Design approach, design tokens are not at the atomic stage; they're what truly define a brand: it is pure DNA.

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