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Kian Lavi

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  • Posted to Vintage Record Label Logos, May 21, 2018

    I love record label design. This is like peeking into an alternate design universe

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  • Posted to One Year Designing at WhatsApp, in reply to Shyam Das , Oct 23, 2017

    Charlie put the What in WhatsApp

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  • Posted to Bread Time: Does design even matter?, Sep 11, 2017

    Does matter even design?

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  • Posted to Underground trip, Sep 11, 2017

    Super dope.

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  • Posted to Atlassian's Bold New Brand, Sep 11, 2017

    I think it's a neat evolution of their brand (and what I personally thought was an out-of-date logo previously).

    As silly as the dynamic logos at the bottom were — pizza, Sydney Opera House, etc. — they did a great job having a unique illustration style that made the new logo come to life.

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  • Posted to Games UX: PCs vs Consoles, in reply to Jay Wyche , Jun 27, 2017

    Practically, I think that you're right. Maybe it's a healthy mix of nostalgia and the N64 being where most of my favorite games lived

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  • Posted to Facebook Sound Kit, now in Framer, Jun 27, 2017

    So stoked to hear about this partnership with Framer!

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  • Posted to Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch User Interface, in reply to Eric Blattberg , Jun 27, 2017

    I was pretty surprised to find out that the UI doesn't scale based on TV/handheld mode. But Charlie makes a good point about how well they thought out the UI whether it's a 6" screen right up against your face vs. a 50" display ten feet away.

    I worked internal reviews like this when I was at Sony (for the PlayStation) and it's exciting that people are starting to care more about game UI and console design in general. Definitely seems like Nintendo is paying attention.

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  • Posted to Games UX: PCs vs Consoles, in reply to Jamie Martin , Jun 20, 2017

    Definitely! It's surprising how little talk there is of games and UX in general, let alone on the internet.

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  • Posted to Games UX: PCs vs Consoles, Jun 19, 2017

    Asked this in the podcast but I'm curious what DN has to say: what's your favorite console controller?

    I went with the obvious choice and said N64

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