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  • Posted to AMA: Semplice Team on Semplice 4, in reply to Jonathan Kelley , Sep 20, 2017

    Ghost would be a terrible choice for something like this, because it's inherently focused on publishing and much harder to modify to do things which are not-publishing (like creating a beautiful portfolio site). WordPress is a pretty great choice here for a ubiquitous underlying base platform, and working via API is a huge step up in being able to create a slick custom experience.

    Craft is not overly suited to Semplice (Mainly due to licensing considerations) - but is a stunningly architected platform, and one which we're taking a lot of inspiration from. (I actually think there's a lot WP could learn from Craft, too)

    Overall though, short of building out a completely custom back end, WP is a really great choice for a product like this :)

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  • Posted to Show DN: Gibbon Blog, Mar 24, 2015

    Looking pretty awesome!

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  • Posted to Ghost Acquires, in reply to David Darnes , Dec 02, 2014

    It is indeed

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  • Posted to Niice. A search engine with taste., Apr 12, 2013

    Hot damn that's cool.

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  • Posted to Flatland, a theme for Sublime Text, Apr 11, 2013

    Very nicely executed - really hope you continue to develop and update this :)

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  • Posted to If it ain't broke... (Simple, great argument in favor of the current save icon), Apr 11, 2013

    I find this debate bizarre. It's very short-sighted. A bunch of designers debating how to design an icon - instead of how to design an experience that doesn't need a save button. This is 2013.

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