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  • Posted to What is BaaS (Backend-as-a-service)?, Feb 16, 2021

    Learn about the benefits of using the mBaaS model for app development and overview of the biggest BaaS providers

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  • Posted to Best B2B Services Review and Rating Platforms, Feb 15, 2021

    Independent tech award lists help vendors and business owners to evaluate IT service quality. In 2020, the Jelvix team was praised by a lot of platforms. Here’s the list of the most trusted sources.

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  • Posted to FIGMA VS SKETCH | HOW TO MAKE A CHOICE, Feb 12, 2021

    Both Sketch and Figma are powerful tools for both beginner and professional designers. Go for Sketch if you need offline work, and definitely choose Figma if you need real-time collaboration between large teams of designers.

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  • Posted to What is API?, Feb 11, 2021

    APIs’ role is considerablе for many software development companies, which lets them reduce customer churn and increase overall business value. Let’s pick apart how to use an API and what you would need to build one yourself.

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  • Posted to E-Commerce vs E-Business: A Comparison Guide, Feb 10, 2021

    The terms E-Business and E-Commerce are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not synonymous. Let's learn the difference.

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  • Posted to Top 10 Automation Tools, Feb 09, 2021

    QA automation cannot be realized without suitable tools. Let's compare top QA automation tools and find the best fit for your project.

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    Product Manager and Project Manager roles can be confusing, but there are several stark distinctions between these two positions. Let's take a more in-depth look at theirs' sets of responsibilities.

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  • Posted to What Is MVP and Why Should You Build One?, Feb 04, 2021

    Learn how MVP can reduce the project starting time by employing only the necessary features and let the startup begin getting feedback for a product.

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  • Posted to Guide to the ITIL infrastructure library, Feb 02, 2021

    ITIL is a framework used to organize and manage IT services. In the article, we’ll look at chief ITIL practices, advantages, and implementation tips.

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  • Posted to GitHub vs GitLab vs BitBucket. Detailed comparison 2021, Feb 01, 2021

    GitHub vs. BitBucket vs. GitLab - which code repository to choose? This article will discover for you the best Git repositories overview for your team.

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